Date: 2nd February 2011 at 9:53am
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First off, the stats don’t lie, Pompey have played table toppers QPR twice now, 1 point is the return, but the stats don’t tell the full story, Pompey should of had all 3 at Fratton but for a boss-eyed linesman, and at loftus road we could of been out of sight by the time Rangers took a fortuitous lead.
Pompey played with a spirit that the beleagured fans who moan and groan on websites from their armchairs probably thought didn’t exist, the transfer inactivity just fuelling anger in people who like to jump on the negative.
The game was lost in familiar fashion however, a rare Ashdown error normally saved for ‘keepers in an England shirt, and a header from a corner, this time Halford was at fault for losing his man.

Pompey were forced into one change, Utaka has left, but Kitson returned from a 3 match ban, Kanu sat on the bench to recharge, while Mokoena came in to partner Halford in defence, another combination as Pompey seek to find the perfect pair. A welcome sight though was the return of a mad snarling Icelander at left-back, he played with purpose and aggression, firing up Pompey as only he can.
The formation was more 4-3-2-1 than anything, Nugent was the fulcrum with Kitson and Lawrence supporting.

Pompey looked anything but the downtrodden spiritless shambles we were led to believe they are, Kitson saw a shot land on the roof of the net and Halford had a 30 yard freekick well saved by Paddy Kenny as Pompey pressed for a goal. Hogg was enjoying his midfield role much more than his debut match, Connolly who stood nearly 6 inches taller than the Villa loanee will vouch for his bite now.

Pompey reached half-time goaless and arguably the better side, as the bovrils went down it was all about if Pompey could pull off a shock win.

Second half and Pompey were still more than a match for the home side, then it happened, Taarabt tried a speculative long shot from distance, Ashdown dropped to field it and true Rob Green style let it trickle into the net, Pompey had been done by their own hands once more, this time it was not a defender hanging his head though, but Jamie Ashdown who to be fair has been one of our more consistent performers so far this season.

Pompey could of capitulated now, but instead pressed for an equaliser, Hogg should of scored from 12 yards but fired wide, while Nugent went close also.

Pompey looked the more likely, but as always seems to happen on such an occasion, Qpr netted again, Clint Hill had a free run from a corner and nodded into the net, no reward for Pompey on this away trip.

Ciftci made a return for the first time in an age, replacing Joel Ward who had run himself into the ground once more, he nearly earned a consolation late on, but his header was again well saved by Paddy Kenny.

So no points again, no wins in 2011, but a much better display, this defeat was not in the manner of Burnley last week, Pompey were more than a match for the promotion favourites, just need to turn displays into points now!

What now?
Pompey fans like to think they are right up there with the best, our away support never flounders, but what with SOS Pompey and the Trust putting out statements representing what they believe to be the majority vote, I would like to put one out representing no one but my own views.

‘Pompey are down on the floor right now, the financial collapse from living beyond our means will run for a fair while, the CVA will take time to run its course, unless another Russian oligarth or rich sugar daddy appears on the horizion, that is how it will remain. This season we were never going to be able to run with the hounds at the top, a couple of players are still on premiership wages, this bleeds the resources dry, I feel pompey did try to bring in the right men, David Norris is in the mould that our manager wants, it never came off tahat is clear, but did the fans want us to sign anyone in place? We could of signed another couple nearly men to placate the desire of the rabid crowd, we didn’t. Pompey have little resources to play with, or indeed tempt players to our run down ground, second rate training facilities and emotionally crippled club. What we as fans need to do now is not bleat and moan and have protest marches, after all, our owners are rarely here anyway, if fans want to vent out some pent up frustration, do it by getting behind the team at Fratton, the atmosphere at Fratton lately has been flat and turgid, if we as fans are the best around, lets show it by supporting our team on the pitch, not longing for one that is not going to arrive anytime soon.

These are my views and mine alone, I represent one not thousands, take them how you will, see you at Fratton saturday.’


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  • Well said Paultsmouth, I also think voices should be raised in support of the team and not against a faceless absentee owner who couldn’t give a toss.

  • I’m afraid while I don’t agree with SOS and The Trust, I can also not agree with you here. With the exception of Norris, Johnson is in a team in the playoffs, similarly the Burnley three are pushing for them and SWP? I’m sorry but it really is like a kid on CM making a cheeky bid with Darlington for Kaka… daft targets, unrealistic, poor decisions to leave quality young back up players leave, leaves us without depth and at real risk of being uncompetitive in a relegation struggle.

    Your comments on the CVA and our financial position are on the mark, our expectations should be realistic – but taking SWP on loan?

    The only thing I can say in your favour is look where fan protest got Newcastle and other similar clubs… all it does is breed negativity… support the team, support the club… Managers and owners come and go over the years, we might as well let these ones run their course and see where it leaves us.

  • Well said Paultsmouth and echo your thoughts. SOS Pompey do not speak for me, or I suspect the vast majority who realise we are where we are for good reasons! Get behind the team on Saturday, these are the sort of games that we have to take 3 points from……It sounds like they put in a shift at QPR, but I expected it to be tough. PUP

  • My initial knee-jerk reaction to Monday’s disaster was “thats it – I’ve had enough, after this year – no more”, but then when you start thinking and common sense creeps in, you begin to realise that it could have been no other way. We are at the beginning of a long journey, and whilst I don’t agree with the way the owners are handling things, they are the owners and can do as they like. I agree with Paultsmouth 100%. The game was brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed it. But of course, if I was the owner of PFC and had seen the game, I would be thinking to myself, “there’s not much wrong with our team. If this is top of the league, then a couple more players would have done for us”. I have a feeling BC et al are going to regret their present stance, but hey ho, the team went out last night and gave us a smashing performance, lets get behind them and back them like they deserve! We are lucky to have them – and SC (for all his faults). PUP PUP PUP!

  • Hey guys we are were we are. Ok, I’m not a fan of Cotterill as I think he is naive, tactically inept and not a player friendly boss. But I don’t support Cotterill I support Pompey and he is the boss so we have to support him. Chanrai/Lampitt, again i do not agree with their way of running the club and I think at the end of the season it will come back to bite them, but they own the club and nothing is going to change that. If we go down we go down, but I’d rather that than be sat around waiting for a judge to decide whether or not I have a team to support anymore. PUP.

  • ere ere Paul!!! Great stuff and once again tough on the team. Wonder how much longer they can go on if their luck does not change.

  • Paultsmouth opinion – I’m my opinion is, – Absolutely spot on !

    I was pleased to see the unfit Herman doing so well, I’d like to see the unfit Rocha get the chance as well. It was a much better performance and now it needs a better personal performance from each individual and safety is not beyond the means of Pompey. I see that many other teams did not buy in this window either, there fans seem a bit more grown up about it.

  • As for SWP JIm, do you really believe we went for him? That was a SkySports report only, I think they just speculated, anyone knows that he is way out of our league now!

  • I totally agree with that statement Paul, I couldn’t have said it better myself. We are where we are, and whilst its not where any of us would ideally like to be, its better than if the club had been wound up. We are still in the poo, we could yet get points deductions if wrongdoings are proved at the club, and we don’t know what will happen when Chanrai does sell or who to. But we don’t have any other owners, that is the situation. So no protests, go to the games, and get behind the team, that’s what Pompey fans do best. With regard to the game, it was so much better to watch than that awful display against Burnley last week! Good to see them play with a bit of spirit!

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