Date: 20th September 2009 at 12:46pm
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Pompey lost again in another record breaking day, we broke the record for worst ever start to a Premiership season, and we have had our own worst start EVER to any season anywhere. Well, let’s face it, the only way is up! (in terms of this season anyhow

Pompey played the game to the same script sheet as always, playing ok in periods, but conceding 2 sloppy goals to undo any good.

Pompey’s season has been littered with defensive errors, if its not getting caught in possesion, its been giving penalties away, 4 in total so far including league cup, not a bad ratio for 7 games!

Pompey are bedding in a vitual new team though, we are playing our pre-season in the cut and thrust of the Premiership where points DO matter.

Pompey fielded the same side that crashed to a late defeat last Saturday, and although Villa enjoyed all the early possesion, Pompey seemed to be holding there own, that is until Belhadj decided to make a rash tackle in the box with Petrov going nowhere, he seems to take tackling lessons from Paul Scholes.

Milner stepped up, and although James guessed right, the shot had too much power, Pompey one down and up against it once more.

Ben Haim is another new boy, but he is not new to the Premiership, he got too close to Agbonlahor, was spun easily and the net bulged once more, 2 down and practically out for the count.

Villa started the second half on top once more, James saving well from Petrov after a loose ball broke to the Bulgarian.

Pompey were at last starting to show some attcking threat, Boateng unleashing a fierce drive that Friedel did well to get down to, and then Piquionne went on a great run, skipping past tackles and playing a one-two with Boateng that forced another fine save from Friedel.

Pompey were the team in the ascendency now, Belhadj and Brown having shots saved, but the goal would not come, the away contingent were in fine voice, belying the desperate situation their team was in.

The game petered out and it was a record Pompey didn’t want, the last team who lost 6 on the bounce at the start of a season in the top flight were Leicester, 26 years ago, but they survived, although they did have a yong promising striker called Gary something or other in their ranks.

Player Ratings


Vanden Borre
Still learning at this level, needs to learn pdq.

Ben Haim
Was turned easier than milk in 100 degree heat for the second goal.

fighting a lost cause at the back right now.

Gave away his secongd goal in a week, can’t anyone see he is not a left-back?

He is a dog of war, going to be important this season

Scraps hard, but guilty of a few mis placed passes.

Looks like he maybe the goal scoring midfieler we have lacked for years.

Another who won’t let you down

Brighter signs, but needs a goal or 8 very soon

Another grafter

Where now?
Pompey need to cut out stupid errors, Belhadj is a liability at left back right now, and until the centre backs gel, we will carry on leaking goals.


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  • webber looked ‘bright’ and ‘sharp’, a dead cert to start at carlisle on tuesday and if he does the business i would play him next weekend – Freddy P works hard but never looks like scoring, smith is another workhorse but again could be worth being used more as an out-and-out striker? vanden borre is a terrible, terrible footballer!

  • completely agree rug we need our full backs back then at least we can push belhadj up to midfielder but borre is just… well not terrible but sort of meh

  • You need 40points from 32 games – including 7 games against the big4. So realistically 40 from 25 games. I think you need to get shot of your manager asap and hopefully go on a winning run to cancel out your bad start. 3in a row and youl have a chance, but youre fast running out of time.

  • I am trying so hard NOT to get on Harts case as i dont think it helps… Yes we have a new team, yes we are playing our pre-season…. and Yes its the lack of defenders with quality, the lack of players puttiong balls in nets i know that same as anyone else… But Sorry but i think Paul has run out of ideas? He doesnt seem to be making the changes that ALL, if not Most atleast of us, are saying. I do hope it changes for him, but after watching Nugent for Burnley, and the others that have left, now having a new lease???? it doesnt give me confidence that things will come good here till we have a major change in personel. Harry bought a team granted, but Adams inheritted some poor players who lost interest, and Paul had the job of shipping them out granted, we were limited in funds also granted. But these players seem so eager, yet not working together? Sorry but i think his time is running out, and i mean within 7 days to be honest?????

  • I admit I thought Adams should stay but surely Hart must be given time to bed these players in. We need stability for the rest of the season to form a unit. Hart maybe tactically limited but does anyone think Pulis, McCarthy, Brown, McLeish, Allerdyce, Megson have anything more to offer? Lets get an assistant manager and get on with the season

  • I’m sorry for Hart, he was a nice guy who got tricked into thinking he can do a job for which he mentally is not equipped. He cannot inspire nor learn from his errors; cannot accept he makes errors so can’t learn or act and now he tells lies. The team is not brilliant but it is not so poor either and I think a fresh face would inspire now. It’s not Harts fault, I think The chief exec has a lot to answer for; he has ruined a once respected man; in my personal opinion.

  • Who is to blame .. PETER STORRIE.

    Watching Hart limp from one game to the next as a wounded Manager is painful.

    Action not Words, I read now that Hart is blaming the players, its all over for him and to let it go on is bad leadership from the top.

    I think he is letting it run on to increase the pressure on AL-Fahim, for his own benefit.

    Disgraceful lack of leadership PETER STORRIE

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