Date: 22nd September 2010 at 6:55am
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Pompey’s little sojurn into the League cup ended with a home defeat to Leicester, after going behind in 2 minutes we were up against it, despite a late spirited fight back with 10 men, defeat was ominous and Pompey must lift themselves for the re-match on friday.

I’ll start this report 25 mins into the match, my reasons I will make clear.

Pompey over the years have taken the Michael out of their fans, last night was almost the final straw for me in 31 years of watching. During our seasons in the Premiership I more than once had to pick my season ticket up from that bloody ticket office that is miles from my seat in the south stand on the first day of the season, such was the urgency to post it on time once they had my money.

For this thrilling spectacle of Pompey v Leicester in the Carling cup, I tried to book my tickets on to my season tickets on-line, at first this was impossible, every time I clicked on “U” section, up flashed “V” section, no good to me as i don’t sit there. Giving up on this I tried to call Pompey’s ticketline, 5 times in fact, how many times did I speak to someone? Not once.
After first going through all the crap they say before you get the option of pressing 1 or 2, I twice was told that all “operatives” were busy and was then cut off. Being the perserverent type I tried again, next I got through to actually being on hold, then i was cut off. Then again. Next time I was put on hold once more, for 9 minutes until I hung up in disgust and went back to work.
Being a total idiot I tried on-line again when I got home from work, this time I was straight in and got the confirmation my tickets were loaded on to my season tickets, job done.

On match day, I like many others had a mad rush to make the game, I was fitting a kitchen in Whiteley in a scummers house no less, left there got home, got showered and drove round from Gosport, starving hungry.
Getting to the ground 3 minutes before kick-off I thought that was that, but my season tickets were refused by the autobot turnstile man. The steward then proceeded to pull a list out of his pocket that he had been handed 10 minutes before according to him, there was my name, so recognition that I had indeed paid for my tickets. I was then informed I had to go and collect paper tickets from the ticket office, a sprint round the ground and by the time I got there we were a goal down already.
The queue for pre-paid collections was about 100 deep, 2 windows were open to us, the other 5 windows were for people paying on the day, the queue for this went round the corner past the “mega”-store, it must have been 1,000 deep, and this was 5 minutes into the match.
My queue slowly went down, I mean slowly, ready to explode with anger, I was dealt with by what must have been a 16 year old girl, there was no way I was going to blow a fuse at her, another sprint round the ground and I took my seat to watch the slurry on the pitch face Leicester.

Dyer scored a second for the midlanders and Nugent proceeded to miss another one-on-one when bursting through.

Starving I bought a Balti pie and a Bovril, all for £5.50, an absolute bargain.

Second half and Nugent missed a one-on-one, Lawrence pulled one back and Hughes got a red-card from the bloke in orange for abusive language. Dickinson almost had his face kicked off by Dyer when heading the ball and Pompey lost again, that was my evening of entertainment provided by PFC.

Three quarters of a match, I saw 2 out of the three goals, spent a week’s wages on a dried out pie and realised just how taken for granted us fans are.

Pompey have almost pushed me over the edge, 31 years of support, 2 season tickets in the family and all for what?


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  • Nth Stand Crew not happy, we could have been 3 down after 5 mins. Starting with Canoe again and that “ol time stupidity blues” from Hughes. It wasn’t the Refs fault it was the strikers fault-AGAIN. Nuge needs hypnotherapy, repeat after me ” I shal not miss sitters”, “I shall not miss sitters” ad infinitum. Positive was LL stepped up to the plate, looked like he could do the biz, indeed did do the biz. I don’t want to hear anything about fitness today, that will lose SC masses of credibility and that result needs reversing on Friday.

  • I though we were shocking last night, particularly in the first half. Why oh why does Nugget hit the ball straight at the keeper every time he gets the ball in a one on one chance. I want to but can’t have a warm feeling everytime Dickenson gets the ball, his distribution is awful and pretty much everytime his long ball punt ends up nowhere. I was encourgaed by Sonko’s better performance and I thought Ward’s award of Mano of Match was fully justified. Much better second half though and some encourgaing signs of what might come, with some good football rather than hoofing the ball up and hoping it finds our strikers.

  • Didn’t seem to be many there, I was a little late getting down from London but pretty much walked in, no queues or hassle at all and plenty of seats available. That can’t be good for Pompey.

  • Carry on like that and we will get relegated:
    Leicester 8 changes we played their stiffs
    Dickinson must be dropped
    Ashdown is too short! look at the Sheff utd goal and the 2nd last night he struggles to reach them
    Lack of a reserve team showing in fitness of fringe players, Hughes looked slower than Kanu
    Cotterill absent from the touch line for all of the 1st half, seemed uninterested in rallying the troops
    Nugent is going to make Quashie look prolific
    Can’t blame the Ref he was poor for both sides
    rant over until Fridays game

  • It is time SC leave Nugent out of the 11. That must send shock waves into his brains and step up his football if he wants to play!

  • Didn’t go last night due to a chest infection (and glad I didn’t waste my money). That said, Friday is more important. But agree with Malta, if ANY player is failing to cut the mustard then drop him and put a kid on – that’s what the squad is for. Definite requirement for a striking coach. Its amazing that £13M + worth of strike force can’t find the net in the Championship – Mmmmm

  • Blarmy is right, Pompey were shocking for most of the match, there was just a little spell towards the end where things picked up a bit, which was when we scored. I’m struggling to remember when I’ve ever seen Pompey play so badly before. The attendance was also shocking considering the cut-price tickets. There seemed to be loads of (mainly quite young) people wandering in really really late, ie almost half time (was someone going round the pubs giving tickets away free?). And no experienced professional should let his side down by getting sent off for mouthing off. Overall a really miserable night, hard to find any positives. I suppose we still have a club!

  • It would have been better if we did offer James the managerial post. He would have done better. It couldn’t be worse. Besides that, we would have had a better keeper in goal!

  • hussler you cant say the values the players were bought for. if you bought a house in 2007 for 100,000 it wouldnt still be worth that?… so nugent £1m, utaka £1.5m and kitson £1m. still nothing to moan about. i think webber could be the man to step up!

  • Re my comment about empty seats, I guess they were having the dame problem as Paultsmouth and …. well- they just gave up. I’m led to believe just about 8,000 of us turned up. Not good enough, but a symptom not a cause.

  • The 5 plums, Hughes, Nuggat, Muggins, Ashdown and SC himself. Hughes only turns one way, can only pass the way he he is facing and his dead slow. Muggins pretty much the same. The midfield without Brown and Ritchie has no creativity. Ashdown is woeful! Angles, reflexes, starting positions just everything. He is really lucky to be earning thousands£ a week. As for Nuggat, well I have not seen a worse player at fratton park since Azar Karadas. And when Nuggat misses he smiles. Someone punch this clown please. £25k a week for that crap???? So he drops/rests Brown, drops Utaka and continues with Hughes and Ashdown. He will bang on about fitness again and how we played well, no SC, you need to play Brown every week, you need to give Utaka and Kitson a chance to gel (6 whole games), drop Ashdown and drop Nuggat. Play some more of the kids, look at what Joel Ward has done, mom 2 games in a row. But low and behold, looks like he will be dropped for Naughton who SC is bringing in and this will completely destroy Ward. Wake up PFC, SC is not your man. Please do not slate me, as this is only my opinion. On the plus side, Lawrence looks like a great signing. Thanks for reading my rant. Opinions please?

  • I don’t know if it’s just me, but because we didn’t go out of business we seem to be grateful to still have a club, and that the way things are shaping up we almost are prepared to accept this dross because we are still alive. Well, I think this squad and Cotterill in particular are taking the *****. If this lot can’t do any better than this with the very special fans they have, I’m afraid I am going to fall out of love with all of them. Having survived to play again another day was special to me, and I think these players ought too respect that and pull their socks up and play for US, not just the bloody money. I don’t want to go down another division with these players and their pathetic efforts. As for Nugent and that smile of his, he should be dropped and listed in January!!

  • ashdown,ward,mokoena,rocha,ritchie,lawrance,brown,mullins,

    4,4,2 ritchie left back much better than dickinson! or i would put mullins leftback and put lawrance into centre midfield . he could be the answer we have been looking for thier.

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