Date: 26th September 2009 at 4:10pm
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It’s official, Pompey are riding the crest of a wave….on a turd.

Pompey got turned over once again, but it can not be put down to lack of effort, we knocked on the Everton door, but were denied access, both by Howard and a horrible cow called Lady luck.
If Pompey are to drop after 7 great years in the Premiership, I think I can pinpoint the moment it will be in the 51st minute of Today’s game, Ben Haim powerfully met a cross from O’Hara and the ball hit Howard’s shoulder and flew to safety, when your luck is out, it is out, and Pompey’s is on holiday in Tenerife right now.

Hart sprung a surprise by opting for Dindane in place of Piquionne who never even made the bench. Belhadj paid the price for one error too many, dropping to the benck in place of Ben Haim who moved over to be replaced in turn by Wilson.

As per usual Pompey started promisingly enough, we pushed forward and Dindane was looking like the quality we have been missing, twisting and turning and proving a handful, not unlike a forward of old who was sat on Everton’s bench.
Everton were relying on breakaways and free-kicks, it was from one such breakaway that James saved well from a Cahill volley.

Pompey’s chance of the half fell to Dindane, Smith played him in, and he struck his shot only for Howard to block brilliantly out for a corner, so close, but banana denied.

As half time approached, Pompey’s script writer pulled out last weeks effort again, Kaboul missed a header, Saha’s first touch was superb and the finish clinical, all Pompey and one down.

Pompey started the second period shakily, the goal obviously knocking them off their stride, but Ben haim had his chance, Howard stood firm and a gloden chance was gone.
Pienaar got the crowd fired up next, his leg came off worse with Mokoena’s head and he lay having treatment, as he went off to return again, he immeadiately collapsed agin for more treatment, much to the ire of the Fratton faithful. Fellaini relieved Pompey’s pressure by almost making it two, he met a cross well enough with his head, but James saved with an out stretched foot.

Pompey screamed for a penalty as both Smith and Boateng were felled in the area, but we don’t seem to get those.

Straight after Smith headed a O’Hara center back across goal and Mokoena met it, this time the bar denied us and another chance passed.
Smith then shot from the edge of the area, it flew up off of Yobo and he followed it up with a volley that went narrowly over.
Pompey were pressing for the equaliser but it was not to come, Yebeda met another cross, and this time Baines hacked his effort off the line, Everton parked a bus in front of the goal, and Pompey had no key.

Player Ratings

One great reflex save with his foot from a Fellaini header

Vanden Borre
Looking better, especially when he breaks from defence.

Been player of the season so far, but goal lies at his door.

Slotted in well, could make the place his own.

Ben Haim
Looked a lot more comfortable in a full back position, even if he is right footed.

Not doing it for me, he seems the weakest of our midfield diamond, most of the crowd seem to agree.

Looks a great signing, he seems involved in anything good.

Here to play football, and certainly doing his damndest.

Plenty of effort, caught in possesion a couple of times, but always ssemed to win it back.

Very industrious, can’t fault his attitude.

A real handful, if he can go on a run who knows?

Manager Rating
He may not of been fired yet, but he can surely feel the nuzzle and smell the gun metal.
I feel sorry for the big man I really do, but he seems to have no luck about him at all.


27 Replies to “Pompey crash again”

  • I defy anybody to tell me we didn’t deserve something…life stinks sometimes, I so feel for those players, they gave everything!…Me and Mrs P will be singing ourselves hoarse at Molineux nex week…

  • Agree completely pentonpompey, we deserved a point at least – with some of those chances – maybe even three… Feel so sorry for the players – hope thay can pick themselves up, and Hart too.

  • I thought we played well – but then I think that every week…. The players were up for it, and if I’m not wrong, we had more possession, more of everything except fouls and yellow cards. (and goals). Its not fair to take it out on PH, this is only his third game with his own team. If you need to blame anyone then put the blame at Sacha and Fahim’s door. It is obvious that money was the primary consideration during the long summer wrangling, and this is the consequence. Full stop.

  • Dindane looked like the player we have been missing up front.
    When Tommy Smith of ESPN said “That team got as close as you can to scoring without putting the ball in the onion bag” kind of summed up a great spirited effort. I also felt that PH tried everything he could to try and get us something out of the game.
    No luck though. I know the record of no points in seven games stand out but I find it hard to put my team down after that effort

  • We played well, we closed them down quickly, and there were periods in the game, where they just could not touch the ball! Personally, I would have started Yebda instead of mokoena…but we all know how hart feels on that one… other than that though, I can’t really fault the manager, the players or anything. I just can’t see what we could have done better to have won that game!

  • I thought Tommy Smith ran himself into the ground. I watched the game amongst Toffees fans, they hated him, a pain in the butt they said. Tal BH looked better outside, central defense looked better. Browney looked his usual self (Why is he not Captain?) All round a much better performance (Inc Paul Hart, at least he tried to win the game) Moyes gave the Toffees fans kittens going so defensive and trying to hang on!…So bring on the Wolves i say!

  • i was hoping mokoena got sent off today so that he misses the next game then we will win and he would never play for pompey again.

  • great game they played good but no points and no wins means we are not close to winning as we would need two goals for that. we are just comming close to drawing games not winning.

  • i think if and when we get relegated SAF has to take the blame as if he just payed up and bought us stright away and we would of got this team sorted in preseason like everyone else. but no he dragged it and dragged it and thinks that hart can put a team together that clicks 5 games into the season.

  • it’s a bummer to lose but we were so good to watch. How Dindane and Boateng get the ball off their opponents like little thieves in the night- it took my breath away. And Tommy Smith is another great geezer. They were all looking good except the skip who is a liability. But still preferable to Mullins

  • Id have to disagree with you hammer i hate mullins but think he would do a far better job than the lightweight mokoena. i cannot think of a position (on the field of play) that he could fill even to a poor standard. altho i feel a slight sympathy towards hart for the last minute bargain buys, as mok was one of the early ones, hart deserves some blame as well, he certainly didnt replace davis even at a ‘cheap’ option. We played alright in spells but cutting edge just isnt there, and not trying to slate to many players but smith and brown just are not premiership quality altho 10 out of 10 for effort

  • im surprised he droped belhadj alltogether i would of put him left wing move ohara in and put brown inplace of moka

  • 7 games 7 defeats. Same ol same ol. Close but no cigar.
    Hart has a gypsy curse. I am sure of it.
    Great effort by the boys but somethings gotta give!

  • So many positives to take from the performance. Nº1 – Dindane looks like a strong little bugger, should he get the service he should score. Nº2 – Boateng looks like a star, easily our best player. His fight and quality could be key. Nº3 – They look like they’re gelling together with a team with a handful of players clearly up for the fight. Sadly though, another lapse of concentration forces another defeat next to our name. We’re going to have to show Championship winning form to survive, teams are taking points off each other throughout the league and making our fight even harder. I’m with the people who are suggesting dropping Mokoena, his passing is woeful and he loses the ball far too easily. Brown can do the dirty work, Kaboul would be a good leader and we can sacrifice his place in the starting 11 for Belhadj, Yebda or another striker. Onwards and upwards.

  • Yes hussler, you are right. I mut say I missed Belhadj today. I thought there were a few instances when we needed his blistering pace going up the side of the pitch – although the team did do well.

  • Very valid arguments lads. I was really pleased with Hart substituting Mokoena. It was a brave decision, and a decision that we’ll have effect. I am sure that Hart is realizing that Mokoena shouldn’t be on the team. There are better players than him. Yebda seems to be a very good performer to me, and Brown can easily takes Mokoena’s place. So Brown will be captaining the side next week.

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