Date: 29th March 2015 at 1:37pm
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If that game was anything to go by, Pompey have laid out the towels on holiday already, for me it was a total waste of an afternoon, for some young kids who were going to their first ever Fratton game, it was probably their last. There in lies a big problem, Pompey have nothing to play for in terms of promotion or relegation, both are improbable now, they do however have us fans out there, if they can’t put in a shift for the people in the stands, then they should not bother turning up at all ( bit like Passley really), it’s all well and good singing the praises of the fans in the papers and on social media, but if how can you expect people to shell out week after week to watch the football equivalent of a party political broadcast?

Pompey fielded the same side that lost 1-0 in last weeks poor performance at Wimbledon, I agree with stability and continuity, but surely those work best in a performing side, not one that was intent on showing as much attacking belief as an Italian army?

Shrewsbury were the better side from the off, they are on the threshold of league 1 football, basically where we all hoped Pompey would be this season, on the pitch Dunne put in a shift, Wallace tried to force the issue but failed on the day, I thought our new left back was bloody awful, Butler is apparently being looked at from higher divisions, yet he can’t make a poor Pompey side right now. Tubbs has aspirations of being the top scorer in the division, not a chance if we cannot fashion a worthwhile chance in 90 minutes.

Both goals came from Bobby Grant, both were cracking finishes, but only after Pompey let him take aim unchallenged from outside the box.

Paul Jones pulled off a great point blank save with time ticking away, while Jed Wallace had pompeys only worthwhile effort at goal, saved unorthodox ally by keeper Leutwiler, Grandison at the back reminded me of Darren Moore from years past, strong in the air, strong on the ball and never gave Taylor a sniff.

So, our season is over by the end of March, tell that to the fans though who are still expected to watch the dross, if by any small chance any member of the Pompey staff do read online media, please, please, play attacking football for the next two months, it may leave us open at the back, we are losing anyway, but give us fans something to watch until the end of the season, you never know, the nine year olds may want to come back again!,


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  • Somebody needs to remind Awford he’s working for Pompey, not Fulham or QPR and he should be working on improving our young players, not other team’s youngsters!

    Sadly I’ve had it with Awford, he’s had all season but we still seem to be a disjointed collection of strangers, no cohesion, no shape and apparently no clue how to play together. Shrewsbury weren’t that good, but they at least played as a team and against our mismatched mob they didn’t have to be good, just have a game plan they could stick to.

  • I agree Ron, I would rather see Dan Butler making a mistake and learn from it then a bloke nowhere near QPR team, and I’m sick of seeing the lack of attacking intent, if we are going to lose, I want it to be 4-2, not 2-0!

  • Cracking read Paul, best thing about the game! Glad I didn’t bother, will I next time, that is the question?

  • Totally agree Paul, if we have a go and lose surely that is better than negative, boring lack or intent on winning games and losing – at best drawing! – anyway…

  • With you there Paul. One of the very few occasions (the last about 10 years ago) when I seriously considered going home at half time.

  • Good write up Paul.. I can just see AA leading a Con/Lib/Lab/Kip coalition. No nasty aggressive attacking play there… defense is the best form of attack.. 😉

  • I was never convinced AA was the right chap for the job long term but was happy for him to be given his chance this season on the basis of how we finished last season. However his inexperience has told & I don’t think he is learning quick enough. We are a club too big for the lower leagues with a passionate & huge support. We need to tempt an experienced manager in to get us up the football ladder. I didn’t expect anything other than a beating on Saturday. We are disjointed team, with too many loans, even if some have been forced on us, players coming back from injury and up against a solid team that will get promoted. What adds salt into the wounds is we should be that team. I can’t trust AA with the funds to build a promotion winning team for next season. Best he goes soon & we find the right guy to take us up.

  • I reluctantly agree with all these sentiments. Andy Awford will not suddenly turn into a winning, competent manager next season, for the good of the club he needs to go back to his previous job or one nowhere near the first team. The last two loans are dreadful; the inclusion of the left back is puzzling and makes Butler look competent and experienced; the other guy is no better than Chorley. There was no reason to be desperate, we?ve nothing to play for anyway.

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