Date: 5th March 2006 at 3:50pm
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This is a response to the easiest question I have ever had to answer. ?Southampton Vital? published an article posing the question, ?Who are better Pompey or Southampton??

There are thousands of reasons Pompey are better than Sa***s. Here are just a few of the top of my head;

1) We are in the Premier League and we may be going down but at this moment of time we are the highest placed club in Hampshire and even if we do get relegated we will have a higher placement alphabetically.

2) Milan Mandaric’s favourite sport is football, where as Rupert Lowe’s is hockey.

3) Our fans are more passionate; two years ago we won fans of the year, which was the same season Southampton were in the premier league. Any one know who won it last year?

4) We have a greater history; having held the F.A cup for the longest period of time, being one of great teams in the country and being host’s to the first ever floodlight game.

5) In my eyes our fans dislike your fans more. Although this website does not condom or encourage violence the amount of Portsmouth fans arrested in this fixture last time we played, wasn’t a coincidence.

My recommendation to the ?Southampton Vital? site is not to try and take on the ?Vital Portsmouth? site as it appears we have by far the most registered fans. Seeing as our top ten members score ads up to 607 where the Southampton site adds up to 33.

I wish you all your best with your site but please no more silly questions your embarrassing your fans! I have set up a poll I recommend you vote on as many different computers as you can. If you do you may reach 5%!

To all you Pompey fans out there, we all know you’re the best fans in the land. Even when the attendances where around twelve thousand in the bad old days we still had twelve thousand die hard fans.

When I went to my first Portsmouth game, that was it I was hooked, I was about five years old but till this day I can remember looking around at the sheer joy on peoples faces at the end of the game.

Register to this site, as I would love to hear your views on Portsmouth and the team down the road. You may not like all my articles but if there is one thing I guarantee, then its articles from the heart.

Final thing I would like to say is I would love to draw Southampton in the cup next year because I still believe Portsmouth are going to stay up!