Date: 18th September 2009 at 12:56pm
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‘SAF has taken over at Pompey as this is a status symbol for him’, not my vote, yours – although these findings from PFCblue’s poll are thoughts that I do not know if I agree with or not to be honest….

Clearly SAF had motives to want to takeover at Pompey, to a degree I think you could probably put a tick next to most of the options given – well bar a love of Pompey, this ‘might’ come in time but before taking over there is no way he could have this.

The guy clearly loves attention, he craves it and feeds off it but he can also clearly see the benefits from the land in and around Fratton and money is to be made from this, and potentially from the club if he does things right, but for this the bleeding infrastructure needs to be sorted out, and sorted out properly!

Whilst he says he is here for the long-term, and has a 5-10-year plan that he wants to execute I have never been fully convinced that this was the case, I felt that he was acting more as a ‘deal broker’, but perhaps not, although a long-term future with Pompey is still not something I am convinced we will see from him, but time will tell…

All we seem to have done in recent months is wait and listen to what is told to us, but when all is said and done the guy now owns the club so, despite the frustration we have all been feeling by the fact he has not spoken to us, the floor is now his next weekend ahead of the Everton game – this is his chance to have his say, much like Peter Storrie has repeatedly had his, and had his with a Pompey audience last weekend.

Once SAF goes on the record in front of Pompey fans there can be no backing out, no worming out of what is said, once he says what he says he has to follow up these words with actions. And I mean actions, not more words, not more ‘promises’ physical actions – ok maybe not himself – that we can see happening. Again it goes back to these infrastructure thoughts, lets see him put his ‘new found money’ (so long as it does not leave us in the s**t again) to the test, get this training ground on the go and start doing something on the Fratton redevelopment, then come January, assuming we are still in touch – as I feel we can be with the right guidance to these new players – lets see a bit spent on players, but not overpriced mercenaries, lets get the right ones!

You have your chance to prove yourself now SAF, do not blow it…

  • What the poll asked – What do you think were the real motives of AF to buy PFC?

  • How you voted – A status symbol 41%, Real estate investment 33%, Too soon to say 16%, A plaything 9%, Love of Pompey 1%, Love of EPL football 0%

    Before we move on what are your thoughts on what the last poll concluded? You know what to do, thoughts below please guys…


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