Date: 18th March 2010 at 9:13am
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You have a consortium approaching to take over Pompey that say they will offer ‘transparency’ and ‘honesty’ to the fans, yet seemingly are not doing enough to please Admin Andy? Either that or he is not as ‘impartial’ as he should be, that would be the thoughts of some I guess…

Either way WHY the ‘secrecy’ about this mysterious major backer?

Why not just make it known who you are? Surely by not disclosing this from the off there is a lack of transparency right away!

Balram Chainrai publically comes out and warns of these lot being ‘chancers’ and not something the fans should trust. Perhaps he is right, and looks as though he could be right, but what is they saying? Those in glasshouses should not throw stones…

Some Pompey fans are saying that they can ‘guarantee this group have money’, by this I mean Mark Mudie. With all due respect to the guy I could tell him that I can guarantee that I have the funds to take the club to ‘another level’ but it does not make it so does it? Just because someone tells you so it does not make it so – if he has seen this proof them why have others not seen it?

‘Shock horror’, as if it was the biggest surprise in the world and the media never saw it coming, the points penalty kicks in! And?

We have known it was coming, why the great song and dance over it.

Fans will sing ‘going down, going down, going down’ the easiest way to shut them up, as we did in The Park pub in Liverpool, is to join in with them and/or sing ‘we don’t care, we don’t care, we don’t care!’ To the likes of Hull this weekend we could sing ‘so are you, so are you, so are you,’ then again it depends on how much they sing anyway…

‘Rows’ are breaking out in the background with Admin Andy, and lets be honest quite rightly so in many ways, ‘pointing a finger’ at Peter Storrie in saying that as a former CEO he MUST take some responsibility – sadly something that he has never been willing to do.

His quotes, Admin Andy’s, are now ‘said’ to have been taken out of context after Storrie took exception to them, although in all fairness the overall message of it was very much in context, right?

After all the chaos, disorganisation, mud, crap and everything else that has been thrown at us and we have been through etc. this season the only winners in a continued ‘Pompey sideshow’ are the MEDIA!

They lap all this up, and no doubt can and do put their own ‘spin’ on it.

Admin Andy does love the media limelight, when it is on his terms, when it is sprung on him and he is not in control he is far less at ease. Although you would think that they would have ALL learned by now to ‘keep it in house’ or AT LEAST tried to keep the majority of what they are saying under one roof?

An OFFICIAL roof of The Pompey Site

Granted this means of communication has not always been the ‘bastion of truth’ over recent months/years but this should be the place to go to to communicate what they have to say to us – the more fragmented stories that are told to every Tom, Dick and Harry in the media the more splintered off, and distorted, they will become.

Keep it simple, keep it effective and keep it real! We have had enough rubbish over the months, lets not have anymore or give the media the ammo to produce more eh guys…


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