Date: 15th April 2013 at 10:15am
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An article from Emsworthianblue looking back on the scenes at Brentford at the weekend, with the possible implications now and IF it happens again – read on for more.

On the back of Tim’s comment on the Brentford match thread, I thought it may be useful to remind one or two fans of the responsibility we the fans (owners or not) have to Portsmouth Football Club and football in general.

I understand that passions, euphoria, frustration, disappointment, alcohol were all running high yesterday and also the behaviour of the cretins who purport to be a professional footballers (yes the Brentford keeper and the imbecile of a substitute who both made inappropriate gestures to the crowd) but none of that in any will ever justify encroachment of the crowd onto the playing area. The fans who chanted ‘on the pitch, on the pitch’ must also shoulder a fair share of the blame as they fuelled the situation still further.
Now the dust has settled and the effects of booze diminished, lets look as some of the various outcomes which could have ensued from the events of yesterday:-

1. Collectively, if this is repeated often enough, the club could be banned from receiving allocations for future away fixtures. Were this course of action taken, presumably the host club could then possibly be eligible to claim some sort of compensation package from Portsmouth?

2. Individuals could be arrested (it is I believe a criminal offence to encroach on to the playing area if you have no business being there)on the spot or identified from CCTV footage/photographs and find themselves banned from attending matches anywhere for a number of years? The Met are not noted for their tact and diplomacy are they?

3. The club could be fined for failing to control its fans (bloody hell guys after finally having almost shaken free from BC’s shackles we are desperately trying to raise as much cash as possible to buy our club aren’t we)?

4. We have (and justifiably so) a reputation of being good fans (save the odd idiot) so why do we want to lose this tag and become prominent for all the wrong reasons?

5. Lastly (I am sure there’s more but hopefully readers may post these in response) but if the football authorities decide that Portsmouth matches were to be classified Category A games, then presumably the host club would legitimately be able to increase OUR ticket prices to pay for the extra security measures? Fancy paying more for your tickets guys?

Lets have a sing song, lets have a beer, but lets not forget our responsibility towards this great football club of ours and our City and behave as we would have others behave when they visit Fratton Park PUP PPU.

Written by Emsworthianblue and originally posted in this forum (click here) thread.

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One Reply to “Pitch Invasion At Brentford”

  • as said in the forum…

    VERY WELL said emsworthian – yep emotions were running VERY high, but then again have they not for several years?
    emotions were higher than ever, and celebration was being shown but that was not the right way to do it and hardly kicks off the celebrations in the right way…
    in the main it might have been harmless, and meant as the victory dance, but it is not allowed and those that went onto the pitch know this and also know the chances are these actions will cost PFC, so basically them and us, money.

    i have not converted my pledge, and as i have discussed i probably will not – and realistically i should not – but this MIGHT actually put some other people, in a more financially sound position, from doing this as they could be left with the ‘why should i waste my money’ view, which tbh they are as it is this money that is probably going to end up paying the fine we get…
    we do have to move on from this, and people have said that, but i do think it is only fair, good and well for people to get these things off their chest and hopefully those involved will read such thoughts and have a long hard think about things and that will make them have a long hard think about their future actions.

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