Date: 31st December 2007 at 2:38pm
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I initially started this post with a subject of: Gaydamak, Storrie where are you? As I wanted to suggest that our problems need to be addressed by the management at Fratton Park.

By that I mean the executive management not the coaching staff.

To ensure that I spelled Gaydamak’s name correctly I searched the web and the first hit on Google was this story: Alexander Gaydamak buys control of Global Brands – click to view.

Pretty ironic that Mr G is busy elsewhere considering I was proposing that Pompey’s current lack of direction needs urgent executive attention before we suffer another poor end to the season.

As discussed elsewhere on this forum yesterday, our last 18 games of 06/07 yielded just over a point a game – seeing us go from 5th to just above mid table, surrounded by some pretty mediocre teams. We all sniggered in the past at Charlton and Curbishley’s inability to go the whole season without suffering an annual decline. My questions is, are we suffering the same fate? It happened last year and unless something drastic happens we’ll see it again this year.

I don’t think it takes huge intellect to see that the dawn raids coupled to some pretty insensitive remarks from the FA about no English managers ticking all the boxes, have taken their toll on Harry. He looks awful. Jamie R, was quoted as saying his Dad has been ill over Christmas and consequently a bit under the weather. You are not known for understatement Jamie, but this was a great first attempt. Your Dad looks knackered. He looks deflated. He looks de-motivated.

And please don’t jump to conclusions. I am not advocating Harry’s removal, I am suggesting he needs the support of those around him. His boss, the owner, the players, US.

What form that support takes is another matter. My worry is that if we see a massive decline in form again this year, Harry won’t be around for 08/09. My reasoning follows:

We have seen that Gaydamak is a businessman first and foremost and clearly Pompey is part of his portfolio. The press claims he bought in at around £35m and my guess would be if Pompey finish in the top 6 or 7 the value of the club will have at least doubled, possibly rising to not far short of £100m. Now that’s a hell of a profit for an investment of £35m, most of which I believe was geared in that same fashion as what happened at Man U and Liverpool.

This increased value we are now witnessing allows Gaydamak to renegotiate his debts and also use the ‘equity’ to fund other transactions. The problem is that any decline in the fortunes of Pompey won’t just be reflected in Harry’s player budget it will also manifestly affect the business well being of Gaydamak considering Pompey is probably his biggest asset.

So guys, we need to be worried about Pompey’s current plight. It goes deeper than 1 point in 12, it includes being ill equipped to deal with ANC and also your manager making it known he wants to be elsewhere, even if that is managing our national team, of which incidentally three quarters of our players couldn’t give a sh*t about. Ending up with near public humiliation at the hands of the rozzers and FA coupled to a poor run of form, which is clearly related more to state of mind that ability on the pitch.

I believe Harry needs urgent help and I suspect and hope that Gaydamak will bring in someone to replace Grant. We need someone else to tell the world how great Redknapp is, someone else to tell the world we haven’t been able to train because of lack of facilities, someone else to tell the world that Harry and PFC were not involved in petty back handers… someone else to talk to the press ten times a day and someone else to manage the public face of our transfer activity – and let Harry do what he does best – manufacture a top 6 team from a top 12 budget.

If he doesn’t do this then I honestly believe Harry will ‘retire’ in the summer giving us all a free ticket in the new manager lottery. The alternative is to spend yet more cash on players now, which although needed is not the root cause of our problems and ironically will heap more pressure on Harry should they not deliver…

So Mr Gaydamak, you have one of the best managers in the league and my advice for what it’s worth is for you to look after him now before the interests of your businesses rise above your interest in Pompey.

Written by ChrisW.

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13 Replies to “PFC – we all need to pull in the right direction!”

  • this is a fantastic article – initially posted in the forum but so good several wanted it on the main articles page, to which i fully agree… i agree with so much that chris has written, a very well thought out piece and true in so many ways… great stuff mate.

  • Chris, as I said in the forum I think this is a cracking article and as your first it’s really set your standard. My thoughts on this are as follows; Firstly, I 100% agree with you that Uncle Harry looks as if he needs a good weeks sleep. There’s no doubt whatsoever that the events of the past six months or so must have taken there toll on him. Managing a premiership club (or any club come to that) can not be easy. The week in week out pressure is all taken on by the manager and although some might say they are paid a lot of money I bet it pales in light to what some of the players earn and they take nowhere near as much pressure as the manager.
    For Jamie to come out and say something he must have concerns or at least want to bring it into the public eye, he’s normally very quiet when things concern his Dad. As for Alex Gay looking at Pompey as an investment you are spot on – It would be nice to think that he bought Pompey first and foremost as a ‘plaything’ but the bottom line is that he needs to see a return not just over the short term but also over the longer term and as a businessman he might feel that his investment has reached his peak already and rather than renegotiate his terms he could just as easily sell (I don’t think he will). With regard to the support of the management team it’s odd that Peter Storrie in particular has been more than quiet of late, whether or not this has anything to do with him being involved in the Amdy Faye affair I don’t know, but he may have been advised to distance himself from Harry publicly, which if is the case leaves Harry on his own to face all sorts of music – afterall who blames Storrie if the team underperforms ?
    Your conclusion that Harry needs help is again spot on but where that help could from I’ve no idea. we all know what happened when Milan bought somebody in and I’m sure Harry (whatever his state of mind) would not want that .. but even if he did he might feel that he’d be ridiculed for accepting it this time when he blantantly refused it last time. Grant was a different kettle of fish as it was always known that he was just biding his time at Pompey and ‘just helping out here and there’ until something else came along. So who is there to support Harry .. Big Tony ? I’ve loved him to step up a notch but Big Joe seems to be in the way and Big Joe himself aint exactley the kinda of person to be ‘cuddly’ to Harry now is he!
    Could we look toward Jamie to step in a take a role alongside his Dad ? He could do it under any guise whatsoever and it would be seem as somebody being ‘groomed’ rather than ‘Helping’ by that I mean the attention would be on them rather than Harry. Whatever happens (if anything) I too fear that Harry is suffering and if somebody (and I feel the lead needs to come from Storrie) doesn’t jump in soon Harry and Pompey may both be in trouble.. The strange thing in this instance is that my concern is more for Harry and his health than it is for Pompey

  • I mentioned a while back whether Harry’s lost his heart and I can’t say a lot (this looks like awful speculation) but rumours are rife that since the police thing he has. The lack of direction from the dugout on Saturday spoke volumes to me.

  • Great article Chris and we all knew Chixys views would worth reading. Get back to 100% HR and lead us into europe. Welcome to front page Chris.

  • im a big fan of ‘arry’s, he winds me up sometimes but after reading through chris’ thoughts i have really started to think about things more and have become very concerned for ‘arry’s own state of health – the fella needs help, sure we cannot give him an easy ride, but some people probably need to get off his back alittle more than they are – whilst others need to do more to help him… something are more important than football, and sometimes people have to appreciate this… i think it’ll be good for the transfer window to re-open for ‘arry as he can then work his magic, the break for the fa cup will also do him – and us – good too.

  • Great article mate, lets hope that Harry is back to his normal self by tomorrow, and Pompey are celebrating a win at Reading.
    We are all behind the man, but more investment would be fantastic and maybe give us the impetus that we all desire.
    Play up Pompey.

  • Yeah I think the window has probably come at a good time for him as it can distract him (in a good way) from all the other crap he has to deal with – It’s funny isn’t it but reading Chris’ article really made me think about him as a person rather than just ‘good old Harry’ – |Don’t worry I ain’t going soft but it does kind of put things into perspective doesn’t – Let’s hope he get the help he needs sonner rather than later..

  • yep once again – as with virtually every post i have posted in 2008 so far – i agree Chix, its like i had said in a comment above you do remember that ‘arry is human just like you or i, he is not ‘just a manager’…

  • Great article. Yes, I have concerns the HR ain’t enjoying it & it rubs off on everyone. The Police bung nonsense kicks off again in February. It has been stated that part of his brief is to find the next Pompey manager. We are where we are because of HR & fear the day when he goes.

  • ‘Arrys hust trying to lul everyone into a false sence of security…he knew we wouldnt pick up too many points round now, so he made it slightly worse, so that now EVERYONE will come to fratton thinking they can win…making them easier to break them down…im convincing myself that all this is tactical…

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