Date: 13th February 2006 at 9:06pm
Written by:

Dear Pompey Online,

I would like to start with an apology. I did not address every point you made towards Harry Redknapp however I do believe that I addressed your main reasons for wanting Harry Redknapp to leave in the summer.

I would like to start this response to the response by telling you why your article prompted one. The first reason is that I disagree and the second reason is that it was an inappropriate thing to do.

The reason I believe this is I think you underestimate the impact you have on fans. Pompey fan?s may read your article and start to doubt Harry Redknapp. In a time in which Portsmouth are in we need everyone behind everyone. This includes the fans backing the team, a team which is run by Harry Redknapp.

Your response to the fact that Harry was the only decent manager around at the time was; maybe but not if we had paid a better compensation package. You recommended we should have paid for; Ian Dowie, Mike Newell or Tony Mowbray.

Well I have done some research into these three! Ian Dowie said he didn?t want the job. Along with the chairmen and you will probably say that everyone has there price. Well that?s what I thought about Andy Johnson but the Palace chairman has turned them away as well.

Mike Newell has a contract until 2007 and has hardly any experience in football what so ever as he only started his management career in 2001. I am sure he will go on to be a great manager and he does have a great record but doesn?t know a relegation battle like Harry as Mike Newell has never been in one.

Tony Mowbray had four games in charge of Ipswich where he lost two, drew one and won one. He then moved to Hibernian on Christmas eve of 2004, if my memory is correct. He finished the year in third place, which is where his team lies now. I believe that he has a contract until 2008. He has two years of managerial experience, of which 79 from the 84 is Scottish football! Has he really the experience to manage Pompey?

The next response was regarding Gary O?Neil playing in three different positions during one game. I quote, ?This surely shows a total lack of plan.? I presume you were referring to the Liverpool game in which Gary played centre mid, right mid and left mid.

I?m sure you can tell I have done my research on this come back! I also have a very legitimate excuse for this one as well. This game took place on the 29th of January, one day before we signed two wide players (Routledge and D?Allesandro.) There was simple not the balance we have now.

The next disagreement is over whom the best right back at the club is and what the ?best back four? is. I quote, ?Are you saying Linvoy is the best right back at the club? This would go against what Linvoy himself has said in the past. Linvoy is a cracking central defender but he isn’t as effective at right back. Is he a better right back than Andy Griffin??

Maybe Griffin is a better right back but he may not be the balance we need. With Linvoy at right back I feel more secure than when Griffin plays there. Linvoy has played eight games this year and although I agree he is better in the middle, I also think it is better if he is playing than not! I think this argument is pointless as Linvoy has to play in the middle at the moment.

It does sound like Toddy was not injured, I?ll agree with that! We did play 4-4-2 YESTERDAY but in previous games we have been playing 4-5-1 and Toddy is not strong enough to play up front on his own.

You then say Toddy has been playing but this is not true! Toddy has not played 90 minutes all year! He has made 11 substitute appearances.

You then asked me some questions.

?Here’s a challenge for you, why is Harry the right man to take us forward next season??

He has done it all before! He has the majority of the players trust, he will be able to persuade players to stay. Dejan said it himself he will stay next year if Harry does.

What makes Harry the best option?

Because he is the only option! The only option that makes any sense anyway. I have heard all the people you would prefer in charge and I have put a case against them all!

I have enjoyed our little disagreement but I think I have put an end to it today. I think you should release an article suggesting everyone gets behind Harry till at least the end of the year!