Date: 20th May 2006 at 4:18pm
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Petition to Keep D?Alessandro

I remember when D?Alessandro played his first game against Bolton. Portsmouth fans where excited for the first time since Robert Prosenetski pulled up at Fratton Park.

The player has a fantastic talent of being able to read the game and other players? minds. He was Portsmouth?s Ronaldhino if you like.

You need a player with a bit of skill and flair with the ability to read the game. Many will argue that Lua Lua is that but how many times has DA done too much skill? I can?t remember once!

If we could get a top quality striker and keep D?Alessandro to produce the kind of crosses he did last year, I?m convinced Portsmouth would be an attacking force in the Premiership.

I urge you log in or register (to register or log in click here, takes about ten secondsclick here takes about ten seconds) and post your message at the bottom of the page explaining why Pompey should pay up for the player. . .

And I will email the articles address to Peter Storrie!