Date: 17th June 2008 at 7:54am
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Well where does the time go? Today we celebrate an anniversary of our greatest moment as modern day Pompey fans.

Yes, one month ago today we won the FA Cup. We were there when ‘Sol went up, to lift the FA Cup’.

We all have our personal memories of the great day & those moments will live with us forever.

So whatever happens today, take a few minutes out, close your eyes & recall those moments. Smile on the inside & smile on the outside. For we are all FA Cup Winners in 2008, for we are all Pompey.

Written by storagematt.

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14 Replies to “One month ago today!!!”

  • yep and having ordered two sports mails-one for my dad- for the great occasion- to weeks prior tothe final may i add. they arrived yesterday
    In the old days this would have meant an opening clip to MOTD.

  • Well I think a queit moment at 3:00pm and then at 4:50 will be had by me. Although it already seems like much longer than just a month

  • I keep looking at clock & thinking back what I was doing on the day. A magical life moment that will live with me forever. What a day!

  • One month and I still haven’t finished my article. Shocking but just needs proof reading. Great reminder Matt.

  • kick off time was just about here by now – i think whats-her-name was having trouble with her microphone about now, in as much as it wasnt working!

  • 4.50pm, that’s about the time the whistle went. My brother & I turned to each other & had a big celebration hug. A great family moment, a great Pompey moment.

  • celebrations within the stadium were in full swing by now – i reckon it must have been just about this time that me and my brother were captured on camera… for the second time i might add! we were on the bbc and sky sports 🙂

  • It seems strange how I can remember small details of the day clear as crystal, even london bus driver saw our pompey flags flying on the car, & hung out his window to ask the score, we just loved telling him 1-0 to Pompey.

  • Hi Everyone! Pompey Matt’s Wife here. He is in the shower, so I’m taking this opportunity to say how RELIEVED I am that Pompey won the cup, because he is a very happy bunny at the moment! He has been spoiling me with various meals out and has been grinning like a Cheshire Cat since ‘the day’.

  • One Month, One Year, Ten Years….the reminder factor will not go away, thank goodness.

  • hello matt’s wife, i think most of our families have been recieving the same sort of treatment as you since that fantastic day – just thinking about it still makes me proud, and even emotional tbh!

  • A whole month and I still haven’t started my article yet. But I’ve thought about whats going in it!

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