On this day in history…20th May


A look back at this day in history, and what was happening with Pompey courtesy of PompeyRama.

No Pompey games have previously played on this day.

Due to this lack of games, well, none of them it will be straight onto the other feature – again courtesy of PompeyRama – looking at those Pompey personalities – past or present – who have a birthday on this day.

20/5/1905: Alexander Merrie
20/5/1916: Harry Walker
20/5/1920: Harry Ferrier
20/5/1923: Fred Evans
20/5/1928: Gordon Dale
20/5/1996: Cole Kpekawa

From the Ed

Happy birthday to Alexander Merrie, Harry Walker, Harry Ferrier, Fred Evans, Gordon Dale and Cole Kpekawa – the Pompey players from the Blues’ past born on this day.

Merrie, Walker, Ferrier, Evans and Dale were all long before my time and I cannot say they are players I know anything about truth is told. I do remember Kpekawa from his loan spell at Fratton Park though.

I didn’t think Kpekawa was that bad but nothing special at all, certainly not a player I expected to play football at Championship level. However, he did as the full back has featured regularly for QPR I believe.

What are your memories of Merrie, Walker, Ferrier, Evans, Dale – clearly all too early for anyone – and/or Kpekawa from their Pompey days?


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