Date: 9th August 2015 at 1:33pm
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Well, to be frank, I was disappointed, I turned up to Fratton expecting to watch the Pompey I know and love, instead I was watching a completely different side, vibrant, fit, composed and playing expansive football, where were the misplaced passes, hoof balls and disinterest in a jaded squad?
I’m sorry Mr.Cook, but if you persevere with trying to entertain and actually get out of league 2, you going to upset thousands of fans. (Scummers)

Pompey had nine debutants on display, one of which was Brian Murphy, most people didn’t even know he had signed!

Only Nigel Atangana and Matt Tubbs survived from last season, Tubbs was to play the lone striker role with Roberts, Bennett and Evans playing behind him in an attacking formation.

Pompey set out their stall early, the ball was played along the lush new Fratton turf, confidently and with purpose, the onus on pushing forward and closing down the opposition in their own half.

It’s hard not to get over excited on the first day of a new season, but Pompey looked good, I mean REALLY good, Paul Cook had come out before kick off to acknowledge his new supporters, his new team displayed all the hallmarks of his coaching philosophy, his new recruits didn’t look like they are going to need much bedding in, hopefully a pointer to a fine start to the season.

The first half finished goalless, for all Pompey’s pressing, a clear cut chance had not presented itself, Burgess had had a couple of misplaced headers from corners, while Tubbs was denied by a flying save from a well directed snapshot.

Half time was a good place to listen to the optimistic chatter about the season ahead and aspirations for the new regime, we had no goals, but plenty of promise.

The second half is where it happened, and it came quickly, for all Pompey’s passing philosophy, it was by another route we scored, a deep corner was met solidly by Gareth Evans’ forehead and into the net, the deadlock was broken and Dagenham would have to open up.

To be fair, the Daggers could have been level straight away, Partridge not been able to replicate Evans’ header, missing the target.

Kyle Bennett had looking promising but not threatening so far, that was to change just after the hour, Enda Stevens took a throw and Bennett was able to run across the area and smash a fine finish into the roof of the net, lead doubled, expectations raised further.

The goal of the game was to come though, and it’s catalyst was Roberts, his persistence in midfield saw him rob the hapless daggers defender, he then fed Bennett who advanced and curled a lovely finish inside the post to further ice an already luscious looking cake.

To sum up the new team, one moment stood up, it was around 85 mins, the game was already won and Pompey didn’t even have the ball, but Dagenham were deep in their own half and couldn’t progress up the pitch, Pompey were pushing high up the pitch and pressing each defender as the tried to move forward, and that for me Mr. Cook is what I and every other fan love to see, drive and commitment.


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  • I wish i could have gone..I saw the highlights on Pompey Player which looked fantastic. Incidentally as a subscriber it allows you to go on any other football league clubs player, so I watched Wimbledon v Argyle, partly because we play hem next week, and partly as i want them to do well because they are My Local side. What i actually saw was Barcham, spinning off down the wing beating Argyle players, getting into a shooting position, only welly it high and wide. There was No comparison to Kyle Bennets end product. In some way, like opening lines of the article states above..THIS IS THE DIFFERANCE

  • That Ben Davies, chasing and harrying as you observed, got an ovation from the crowd AND his manager, we purred at the performance. Clarke looks good at the back too. Delighted to see such football on a very hot and bright afternoon.

  • Awesome at time, first half of the 1st half they couldn’t get near us but we couldn’t create clear openings – 2nd half completely in charge and when the first goal came it was always going to bring more.
    REALLY cannot say there was a player that didn’t play well – thought Davies, 34-year-old to boot, was all over the Park like a kid. Really impressed with the chasing and pressuring AND I’m sure that will remain the case as if players aren’t going that Capt Cook will have them out the team.
    A concern, based on one game, is IF Atangana gets injury we’ve not got the player to collect the ball in midfield, he ALWAYS wanted it and looked comfortable on the ball, that said McGurk isn’t a mug, no idea what Barton can do mind!
    Cracking afternoon!

  • Great to have the reports back Paul too PLEASE lets hope they can mostly be positive for you to write about eh!

  • I notice Jed Wallace doesn’t even get on the bench at Wolves – even in the league cup. Course, he might be injured.

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