Date: 29th October 2011 at 11:11pm
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So, could sky sports, and what they ‘understand’, be proven right again in quick succession as far as Pompey go?

They are pretty sure that Sean O’Driscoll will be named as our next manager.

I cannot sit here and lie, in all honesty I do not find this that ‘inspiring’ or ‘exciting’ but perhaps expectations of just who we might have got have perhaps gone a little too high in recent times.

Arguably for the first time questions are asked of CSI, and I say this with the greatest of respect to them and O’Driscoll, but what level of ‘ambition’ would this appointment show really?

For me it suggests that we are content to be a championship side battling to stay at such a level…

Then again maybe that is really what we are at this stage and given such a tough couple of years we should start to realise this a little more?

Conversations that I have had though leave us thinking, assuming O’Driscoll is indeed confirmed, that we approached for another manager – someone like Eddie Howe – but got knocked back and then, again with respect, O’Driscoll he has proven the alternative.

If he was our first choice, given that he has been on the unemployment line anyway, why did we not appoint him sooner?

Whatever though once this is confirmed, if it is, O’Driscoll will of course get my full backing and support – what should be a near certainty is that we will play some attractive football, as that is his way…


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