Date: 3rd July 2010 at 3:20pm
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Dave_S139 shares his views on Dave Nugent, and how his return will be like a new signing – he will let bygones be bygones.

As far as U-Turns go, the prospect of David Nugent now being at Pompey next season certainly takes some beating. Just a few weeks ago nobody would have put money on ‘Nuge’ pulling on Pompey Blue again with firstly Burnley being his intended destination and then after their relegation was confirmed the player clearly stated that he would remain in the Premiership next season.

I’m assuming that at this time he was relying heavily on linking up with Owen Coyle again at Bolton Wanderers. However, Coyle made his position known and it now seems that David Nugent may be having a change of heart and that life on the South Coast maybe isn’t as bad as he first thought.

Personally, I am prepared to let bygones be bygones and accept the player back into the fold.

In my opinion, Nuge was always a little bit short of being a Premiership player but always gave everything and certainly quickened things up when he came on and in The Championship I believe he can be a success. And to be honest, if we were sat here now, and had never previously signed David Nugent, and then found out that Steve Cotterill had managed to make him his first signing as Pompey manager, then I’m sure that I would be more than happy.

At the end of the day, it will be like having a new player in the squad and one that should get his fair share of goals for the Blues. So I remain hopeful that Steve Cotterill has done enough to persuade David Nugent to hold on to that No.10 shirt for the 2010/11 season.

Written by Dave_S139.

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16 Replies to “Nugent to lead Pompey attack?”

  • I’m all in favour of giving someone a chance to redeem themselves. He was never played in his best position but he just got on with things and put in the work. Play him in the centre and I think we’ll se a different player.

  • We need all the good championship players we can get and Nuge is definitely in that category. If he clicks and puts in the effort then fans will accept him back.

  • he is proven in the championship so it seems like it would be a good thing keeping him. He will produce goals playing through the middle but I think Tommy Smith will aswell and I think I would rather see him there.

  • What does he have to redeem himself for fellas – What exactley has ‘he’ done wrong ?? Have always liked the lad and without question he always gave his all whenever he pulled the dhirt on… I don’t think it should be us giving him a second chance.. If anything it is him giving us (PFC) a second chance.. Good to have you back Nuge and well done Steve Cotterill .. as Dave says…
    if we never had him and SC had managed to sign him then we would all be well cuffed ..

  • how about all the cr@p he was spouting about the club a few months back chix? imo he burnt all his bridges then but i suppose as long as he gives his all when he pulls on the shirt its fine with me and he might just be able to weasel his way back into the good books lol and lets face it he’s a fantastic championship striker so he should be a fantastic player for us next season.

  • As it would appear we will be blooding a lot of young players in the forthcoming season, he is the last person I would want in the dressing room.

  • It’s fair to say Harry never played him
    in the right position and Hart and Nuge didn’t get on, it also suited Hart to blame Nugent for a fight Wilson started so its not surprising he was bitter at Pompey. That being said he should turn up on time and train when told to and not do the casino thing even if he has been told he isn’t playing. There must be an agreement on his salary as he was certainly above the 10k cap; the way I see things is he’s either agreed a salary cap and is playing to the shop window for January, not agreed a salar cap and is playing for the shop window or has agreed a salary cap likes Cotterille and wants to stay. Either way we have his contract which we are obliged to pay so it’s stupid to not give him the chance. All the above including the Wilson image would have been discussed on his chat with the manager and it’s worth noting that it was ensured for photo’s that Wilson warmed up against Nugent. People forgave Harry, Crouch who criticised the club heavily whilst at scum so I reckon we should give Nugent a chance; especially if he works hard and scores a few. Then even if we sell him it’s something for the coffers.

  • I’m salivating at the thought of all those goals he scored for Preston when he was last in the Championship. OO7 does have a point tho……

  • Although he said some unfortunate things about the club to be fair Nuge’s main beef was with the various managers that didn’t play him which is kinda understandable. I hope he stays as I think he’ll be an excellent asset for us during our life in the Championship.

  • I think Nuge can be a realk asset to us this season, he hasnt got on with the managers before, but I dont think Cotterill will take any *****, heres hoping!!!

  • He’s proven at championship level and maybe his move to the premiership came a little too soon, I’m happy to see him stay.

  • even if it is ‘only’ 20k, that is still 10k over budget – so long as someone comes in for him, and they offer him ‘decent money’ he will go, i do not for one minute buy into all this ‘he wants to stay’ talk.
    he wants to stay because no one else wants him, if blackburn show the slightest bit of interest he will be off, so long as they show him decent money – and lets face it, in all honesty, that would still suit both parties really…
    i DO often forgive, i would not say i forget so easily now tho, but if nugent wanted to have a pop at the club and the management that was fine with me – tbh i would agree with him, but when he had the nerve to have a pop at the fans who DID back and support him and said he would ‘show us’, you sure did that at burnley dave, that is what i will find hard to forget!
    of course tho, as said, i can and will forgive but he will have to go some to prove he is worthy of that – 100% effort, committment and passion, along with some goals, will do me. as it is he WILL go at the first chance he gets, mark my words. even if he stays, is banging in the goals and has us at the top of the no power table at christmas, ‘if’ the offers come in he will be offski…

  • i do not think he will be as ‘crap’ at this level tbh Super Bock but DO NOT for one minute think that he will be here when the season kicks-off if he can avoid it…

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