Date: 20th August 2007 at 7:00pm
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Is it me or is Nugent looking like the white Elephant that we all feared – yet again looked every inch the Championship player that he is.

The only reason people wont want to berate him this early on in the season is that we have 2 draws and a win under our belt. Let’s not kid ourselves – this is not down to him.

I’d rate him right down there with Collins Mbesuma – anyone think differently?

Written by WalshWasGod.

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29 Replies to “Nugent the worst signing for a long time”

  • sorry mate i dont agree… much like everyone else i think he has played his part in our season so far, he just needs that 1st competitive goal. and when it comes it will be a relief to him and everyone else – and it will come. i think he is a superb talent and needs to be given time. tbh i think that he is trying too had, alomst trying to force the issue, which isnt helping.

  • I disagree as well, I think you’ll find Benjani’s new found goalscoring prowess is down to Nugent picking up a share of the work load, I think when he gets one he will outscore Benji and Kanu

  • Shut up you pillock!! You dont know what your talking about. We’ve started great and you are being negative already, get a grip!!

  • Hey Walsh was god, i disagree with EVERY one else about Cranie, I think he looked rubbish against manure, thats what makes footie the great game that it is, it’s all down to opinions, but i have to say, I disagree strongly with you. I think Nugent looks like he will be a class act, but i think HR will nurture him in and not play him every game The goals will come but i think HR will use him as sub behind Kanu and Benji.

  • OK – prepared to be proven wrong on this one – just not seen anything that inspires me yet. On the point made about yrying too hard – could be this, let’s hope so. A lot of money has been wasted otherwise……

  • No he hasn’t scored yet, but he does alot off the ball that pulls defenders away. Never in the same desperate league as CM, stupid article.

  • nugent will come good. harry gets the best out of his players and nugent wont be any diffrent. it may take him time to find his feet as it showed in da midweek game against manure. but give him time and he will shine 4 us

  • Definitely. Harry’s track record in the transfer market is *****-poor and i’m sure he’s dropped another clanger here. The few fleeting glimpses i’ve seen of him have shown me all i need to know. Harry’s hours of scouting and research and years of football knowledge are worth nothing when compared to my moronic negative attitude. While we’re at it, I can’t believe we’re only FIFTH! The impudence! After spending all that money we should be top, we should be SUPERTOP. We should be champions already. Sack the board, sack Harry sack EVERYONE. NOW.

  • we shouldnt be top at all there are clubs that have spent more money than us a.k.a. tottenham and look they have three points out o three games we have 5 points from three games and tottenham have spent a lot more than us and also look at manure they have spent the most in the prem and are 5 bottom furthermore we are getting a couple more players and the others are still settling a bit a.k.a. nugent he we be class a 15-20 goal a season man an for 4.5 mill is a ****ing bargain

  • Perhaps it’s best not to use sarcasm in a written form. I was trying to make the point that it’s too early to judge and start making sensational negative claims when Harry has one of the best transfer records in the league. I’m sure Nugent will come good.

  • Ludicrous article – need one point out the number of top strikers that took time to bed in – Bergamp,Drogba etc etc.
    The Nugget will need time – he is in good hands,and I’m confident he will come good.To slag him on the few showing so far is just plain idiocy.
    And of course – what better way to help a players confidence than to shouting loud and clear how rubbish they are!!
    That really helps Pompeys cause – way to go

  • chrisss, I got what you meant mate, sarcasm is wasted on some!! IRO Nugent give the kid a chance he will come good in time.

  • Good god, give the bloke a chance! The more people get on his back this early into his Premiership career, the longer it’ll take for him to settle down and bang in the goals….I mean, if he get’s played up front on his jack jones like he was against Manure in the first half, what chance has he got? Jason Roberts was always played up front on his own and struggled, then did well as soon as he left.
    Fuller was pretty much the same I believe?
    The blokes a goalscorer…..and also runs about as much as benji over the course of a game….

  • agreed tantona, Walshey, i assume you are just trying to be contraverstial but if not, where were you when yak first started and couldnt hit a barn door? where were you when benji ran to hide? where were you when sick note first played or come to think of it, the first 6 games of crouch. Or when mendes couldnt pass a pint? Poorly thought out article.

  • right fellas i have only skimed through the comments but some of them are totally unnecessary – come on lets be fair, we are all entitled to our opinion… we might not agree but simply say you dont agree there is no need for the ‘tosser’ name calling etc is there… i too dont agree, but walshwasgod had the balls to question him – even if is is way to early in my honest opinion to do so – where i am sure many others would not even if they thought the same, tbh even i prob would not have publicly done so even if i did feel the same!

  • Nugent will be a Pompey great, his movement is superb when the rest of the team get used to a player that moves for them he’ll score bucket loads. I thought Cranie looked like a good signing too he showed he has a brain against Man U so it looks like his recoered from the mental illness that caused him to sign for his last lot.

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