Date: 10th August 2009 at 1:19pm
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An interesting assortment today involving several Pompey players, past and present – and not just regarding their club status, some their international careers too…

Nugent’s Pompey career still alive?

This time last week, ok, maybe a day later, it seemed as though Dave Nugent had played his final game for Pompey following his ‘fight’ with Marc Wilson in Portugal.

Quite how serious this was is open to debate, although it does appear that he is not going to be ‘forced into leaving’ – if that was ever going to be the case anyway? And Paul Hart has today played this down anyway…

It was ‘said’ that an injury is what kept him out of the Rangers game, and this is something that Nugent’s old man had told me – and others – on Saturday before the game, with him also saying that no offers had been accepted, or even placed for him from Stoke, despite ‘claims’ otherwise.

Time will tell on this one, and I guess a lot depends on what sort of financial standing we are on nearer the end of the transfer window/January?

One thing that does seem pretty clear though is the fact that once again unless he wants out Nugent is not going to be pressured into leaving…


Sol still has options…

This summer has seen Sol Campbell ‘linked’ with moves to Switzerland, Greece and Turkey as well as several ‘offers’ to stay at home in the premier league and lower down.

Villa, Everton, Hull, Wolves and Burnley have all been linked with the former Pompey captain, who is now being ‘linked’ with Birmingham – although it is ‘said’ that in The Telegraph that his ‘£60,000 a week’ wage demands are putting people off.

Asking that kind of money, if he is, is not going to see that many match it – Notts County are another ‘heavily linked’, maybe they can? Although if they did that is a slippery slope for a league two side to be going down…

I think the only think that we can safely say is wherever he ends up it will not be at Fratton again, well unless he is back in the visitors dressing room?


James’ England career in doubt? Yea right!

What is it with the media at the moment – they seem convinced that due to the fact that David James was left out of the latest England squad this means his England career is in jeopardy!


The way I see it James is just returning from a shoulder operation, he has barely trained, let alone played for the past 2-3-months or so and is also ‘said’ to have a slight knee problem, so this is why he has not been selected – I do not see it as him ‘being dropped’ more along the lines of him ‘omitted for the right reasons!’

I am pretty sure that come next month, and world cup qualifiers, he will be back in the squad and quite probably as the no.1 again…


‘Fans revolt’ making Distin departure ‘unlikely’

These were the thoughts that The Express felt made it ‘less likely’, or another way they put it ‘more difficult’ for Sylvain Distin to join Villa – who, apparently, remain keen on the new Pompey captain, along with other sides too…

I think it is pretty clear, and we have said as much – which you have to hope it true – that unless we really have to no one else, who is key to the Pompey side, will be sold and Distin is now one of those.

‘If’ Distin was that desperate to leave I still feel that he would be far more vocal about it and would have left by now – as soon as he made it clear he wanted out he would be out, so that makes me think that he is ‘content to stay’, and I hope that is the case. This ‘should’ also mean that his application would be far greater this season and his head ‘right’…

So guys, you know what to do, thoughts on all the above please!


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