Date: 23rd June 2010 at 9:22am
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Dave Nugent, remember him?

Well Steve Cotterill certainly does and knows, as he told The News, that the guy could do a job at this level so he is not ruling out the possibility of him staying at the club: ‘I do not know what’s going on with David. I’ve got a bit of catching up to do with plenty of things.

‘I need to sit down with him and have a little look at what is happening and what he wants to do. There is no point in writing him off, he’s a good footballer.

‘David is a good player who can score goals at that level. I’m not going to forget about him, without a shadow of a doubt. I want to meet him and see what the future holds.’

I cannot disagree with Cotterill that Nugent certainly is a player that knows his way around this level of football, this is without a doubt a stage that he can excel on but lets face it the club DO want him out and he DOES want out himself!

As I have said before I always had a lot of time for the guy, until he bit the only hand that was really feeding him – that of the fans.

Managers, and staff did not have any really faith or belief in him, yet us guys from the terraces, on the whole, continued to back and give him support – yep we moaned about him at times, and might have shouted abuse at him (as we would any other player that cocked up) but once he pulled on that blue shirt we backed him.

So, for him to say we ‘never gave him a chance’ and he would ‘prove us wrong’ etc. when he joined Burnley was unforgivable, and his lack of class also shown when he admitted to Burnley fans, on their official website and several weeks before the season ended, that he would not sign for them if they went down…

‘Super Dave’ made it clear he is a premier league player, although at the moment NO ONE seems to be in agreement with him!

I know this, I DO NOT want him going out on loan again though as the club will end up paying most, if not all, of his wages – this is pointless so we might as well keep him if this is the only option we have, yet if we do keep him he WILL have to play to justify his salary. We would then have to hope that he can do the job that he ‘should’ be able to at this level.

No, I want the guy to go, and hope that we can offload him – cutting off your nose to spite your face and all that might be thought but he is on bloody good money, and image rights, and we need that shifted.

Cotterill also denied ‘reports’ that a deal had been agreed with Steven Caldwell to bring the Scottish international defender to Fratton after his Burnley contract expired.


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