Date: 13th June 2009 at 10:30am
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Another day, and nothing new really – we have more on Sean Davis in The Express with it again ‘said’ that his intentions to leave Pompey will be fulfilled ‘within the next few weeks,’ seen as he is out of contract in a few weeks it does not take a genius to work that out!

It is commonly know that Davis has rejected a new offer put to him, so I think most of us expect him to leave and if this proves to be Bolton as is suggested so be it.

The guy will leave with my thanks and best wishes although, and to be fair I can understand why he would leave given past treatments of him perhaps, I am still a little disappointed as he has gone totally against his ‘I want to stay but have not been offered anything, blah, blah’ speech from back along, but hey ho…

And, as for the dirt, again nothing new really!

I suspect that most, if not all have seen The Sun, at least in the online format? I would not waste my money buying it any time, oppolgies to anyone that does like it but apart from the crap it often contains going back to the Hillsborough disaster and allegations the paper made at that time really put me off it, I would not use it to…well, you get the point!

Anyway, back to the ‘Pompeygate’ stories run today.

I will not go into great details to explain what is ‘said’, who it is ‘said’ about and so on, if you have not done so already, if you so wish you can read what they have to say about Sir Dave Richards from the premier league and his ‘links’ with our takeover and other issues here.

And the ‘related article’ about Peter Storrie and his ‘misleading’ The Sun – funny how we never see anything about The Sun misleading everyone else though! – here.

In a nutshell whatever dirt is being ‘slung’, this is not being slung at the club. The club is not being ‘accused’ of any wrong doing – it is just ‘allegations’ against a premier league official and ‘claimed’ figures in our takeover, along with of course our own chief exec…

We are used to dirt being slung towards our club and I often go straight to ‘sources’ that I have – as I have said several times, I do hate it when I see ‘a source said’, but I know a couple of people that I know and trust, so on the whole I know I can take what they tell me as ‘fact’. I am told: ‘other papers nearly ran this but they don’t think that there is any evidence of wrong doing by the club.’

Also being told, as a kind of side issue really: ‘most journo’s want the deal to happen because it will bring news stories of a club which a lot of their older readership associate themselves with.’

So all in all this is a ‘premier league story not really a Pompey one’, basically dirt is not being dished on the club just those names mentioned within and the premier league. Either way there appears to be no proof backing up claims – show any of us this proof and then you will be believed is what I say, and if others felt their was an ‘insufficient’ amount to do so this seems to tell its own story…

The Pompey takeover is becoming a story in its own right so it was bound to have spin off after spin off, most of which would of course be ‘negative’ as bad news sells, or at least ‘alledged’ bad news! Put the words ‘exclusive’ in big capital letters and the media seem to think that everyone will instantly take this as ‘gospel’, when that is not actually the case in most cases! As always it is annoying that the Portsmouth Football Club name has to be listed in these latest ‘murky allegation claims’ but this is nothing to do with the club, there is no wrong doing at all.

Whilst I am at this I may as well include something else I was told, from that source again: ‘some will keep trying to keep this story running until our takeover is done – and it will be done – and then a future story that is probably then going to be doing the rounds will be Pompey have no time left to put together a team for pre-season.’

So there you go, you heard it here first!

‘Pompeygate’, ptui – that is me spitting at the allegations of Shaun Custis and The Sun…


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