Date: 2nd March 2010 at 4:26pm
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With the high court today asking for proof that a ‘shadow of doubt’ cast on the validity of our administration be removed it would ‘seem’ that nothing changes at Portsmouth Football, and this will remain the case UNTIL this proof is given, or it is proven that this shadow cannot be removed…

Another ‘eventful day’ sees us basic ‘none the wiser’ as to what happens next, or where we are going – that feeling of ‘limbo’ remains, although it has cast doubts over some peoples involvement with the club, and just how active they should be, and how active others are entitled to be.

Although, if I am understanding correctly, if the ‘validity’ of the appointment of Admin Andy is being questioned between now and March 15th, or whenever this documentation needed is provided – before March 12th, does he actually have the power to do anything? For that matter does anyone, including the premier league, have power to make decisions or sanction things?

I assume this means that NO points penalty can be ‘confirmed’ in this time?

No staff, on-the-field or off-the-field, can be made redundant?

Players CANNOT be sold, as permission cannot be granted for them to be sold?

Loanees, if they were going to anyway CANNOT be returned?

If the validity of his appointment is being challenged then surely he is not, within this time period, able to make any decision that impact – positively or negatively – on the club?

So a decision on ‘selling Fratton’ to Balram Chainrai to then loan it back to us, which seems a different story to that the other week, is also one that cannot be taken yet?

As much as I do want to see the back of the premier league in many ways – financially we DO know this would bring us a lifeline – in this case we then have 2 league games to try and further claw back our current deficit, which stands at 5pts…

Birmingham (h) and Liverpool (a), with the FA cup game sandwiched in-between of course, are tough but if by some ‘miracle’ we could win both we ‘could’ possibly be 2pts above relegation – at least in theory, I guess that makes the Stoke defeat all the more important in terms of league survival as we ‘could’ have ‘theoretically’ been 5pts clear could we pull off these next 2 wins and had beaten Stoke.

Either way we will be points down once the penalty kicks in – assuming, as is likely it does.

All the time we are within touching distance and not losing these 9pts it gives the players hope, right? If we limp on another couple of weeks before anything is confirmed, even when it is if we are left in with a ‘chance’ albeit it an ‘unlikely chance’ to pull-off something they have ‘something to play for?’ It ‘could’ be ‘as little’ as 7pts, which looks better than the 17pts we had been faced with.

All the time this question mark over validity remains I cannot see how anything can be done as ‘secured creditors’ in many ways are not actually secured creditors, or might not be, so actions taken in order to bring in funds for them become more and more detrimental to the club so they CANNOT be allowed to take place, surely…

Then again I guess the door is left open, should loanees not have to return for example, for other clubs to question if they should be, or should have been, allowed to feature during this time?

Certainly many more questions, besides the ones here, about SO MANY things have been left unopened! In actual fact, indeed new cans have been opened with regards to questions over various other things!

Ultimately though, morally nothing should be allowed to happen until the courts have been satisfied that people making decisions actually DID have the power to make these calls that then resulted in others making calls on their behalf…


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