Date: 2nd June 2007 at 10:23am
Written by:

Somehow the match of the day team have failed to recognise the stunning Matty Taylor goal against Everton from the half way line as a possible candidate for the 2006/07 goal of the season – what is going on!

I was dismayed enough as it was at the time that the goal was not even selected as goal of the month for December, but for it to fail to even make the final cut for goal of the season is just unbelievable – is it not?

Maybe it wouldn’t have won the goal of the season – and maybe the goals being taken into account are only the monthly winners – but how on earth has this goal not been at least selected as a candidate – unless as previously mentioned it is only monthly winners that were selected?

I am trying to view this as objectively as possible but am I alone in thinking that a goal of this nature – and let us not kid ourselves these types of goal do not happen that often – should have at least been in the running – should it not have won that goal of the month as it was?

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