Date: 30th January 2009 at 8:44am
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And anyone who doesn’t play regularly or in this league?!

Adams states this in his latest press conference, and brought to my attention through the wonders of Sky Sports…

So then Mr Adams… Who do you expect to bring in?

You claim you want three more players, fair enough, and good on you, it’s the kind of thing us fans like to hear… you are going to bring in players to make us stronger!

Well…. you have now ruled out signing Javier Saviola, because he and other foreign players will take 6 months to a year to adapt to the Prem…

Okay, well just for example, think of Belhadj, he adjusted pretty quickly, and we signed him permanently!

If this is also the case, then why sign this Pele fella? On a 6month loan deal, saying he is one for the future?!

You also state that it will take them longer to adjust and need the right fitness… Has Pele been playing regularly for Porto…. No. Another guy just brought in… Hayden Mullins… playing regularly for West Ham? Not at all!

Why not bring in Saviola, who is 27, far more experienced than Pele, having played for two huge clubs, and when getting his chance, delivering!

We need goals… where are they going to come from… I am worried for this! Without goals… you don’t stay up!

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17 Replies to “No go for Saviola…”

  • i can see where TA was coming from, and i will back his judgement on this one – that said bringing in pele, with no experience and apparently not even ready to play yet seems an odd one when you reject a proven, seasoned argentine international over fears he might not be ready to play…
    without a shadow of a doubt saviola is better than what we have, so for me he would not have been much of a risk – there is probably more than meets the eye here, but the decision has been made, so we move on and hope that these 3 players that TA wants arrive by close of play on monday.

  • Difficult to put everybody in the same pigeon box. Quality players adopt anywhere, the lesser ones don’t. If TA has the final say then we hope for all our sakes, he get’s it right. If he doesn’t he can fck off with a cash windfall & we are still here to deal with the mess.

  • TA wants to be here, he isnt motivated by money or greed, he is motivated by the will to succede – and he will, i have complete faith in this… agree tho, not eveyone can be tarred with the same brush can they, saviola is ‘a special talent’, hence why i feel there must be more than meets the eye with that deal – there must have been something more holding it up as you do not scoof at such a player…

  • I’m with you Rug and although the point above Pele does ring true so does that about Stephen ‘Sunny’ Sunday – He failed the medical too – IOt was nothing to do with finances – according to his agent. I think Tony has made a call and we have to support him in it afterall he is the one that picks the teams and he doesn’t think Saviola is up to it then why waste the money – Let’s face it he’s hardly played for Madrid has he – Do we REALLY know why?

  • My thoughts are that he has messed this one up BIG time. I will be rightly p’eed off if he goes and signs someone like Lita or Harewood instead, and wonder what goes through his head when he mentions that Heskey was high on his list of players. We already have two strikers that can hold the ball up Tony, we need a goal scorer and that is exactly what Saviola is! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • i bet in the next few days saviola gets revealed as the amazing new signing for franks uncles’s team! i agree with you rug, how come not being ready only matters with the better of the players? shouldnt they adapt quicker than the crappy players?

  • Fitness bears no relation to skill – The bottom line is that if Tony as manager doesn’t want him (for whatever) reason they why take him – I think this decision took a hell of a lot of bootle and should Saviola go anywhere else in the premiership (can’t see where Spurs are linked ?? – Wigan but not Spurs) and score a hatfull then I’m sure he’ll be the first to admit he is wrong.

    As for Harewood I’m with you Sneaks I don’t see the point in that but LITA i would snap up – He is exactly what we need .. albeit short term – He has a (better than) 1:3 ratio of goals v games.. Always hits the ground running with a new club and most importantly is available and cheap – I’d go get him now .. assuming he is ‘fit’ of course 😉

  • I think there may have been a different issue here. My understanding of Saviola (maybe saviolafan can confirm or add to the rumours i’ve heard) is that he’s a bit of a primadonna. He has great talent no doubt about that, but he doesn’t really want to play for us…and if we did sit him out to rest of change of tactics I doubt he’ll have the professional manner to sit on the bench. In all honesty i think he could have upset the harmony in the dressing room….But it could also be the fact he doesn’t speak english (pele does i believe), and will take longer to adapt…Making comments about Belhadj is out of context, he was signed during the summer when non of our players are fully match fit…

  • Bowlsey, its hardly out of context to tlk about belhadj, im saying how well he has done, considering he himself is foreign and didnt know the league! Look how well he adapted!

  • Yeah i totally understand that. And the best players do adapt better (though I can think of a few who haven’t) but trying to get a team to blend in mid season is more difficult than during the summer. The pace of the premiership is much faster in the middle of the season. That said, I would have loved to see Saviola play for us…Even if it was only for a few games at the end of the season when he had gotten fit =p Nugent up front with Crouch this weekend! Nugget will run his socks of chasing every head-on/down play Crouch has to offer….PUP

  • links today with Vela from arsenal…snap him he is class and will be a big star even for 6 months..go tony see uncle arsen and get in there

  • plymouth vela is not a prem regular though , and could have questionable fitness LOL! seems TA has shot himself in the foot as i mentioned in other threads.

  • tony was just looking for a reason why we hadn’t signed saviola. more likely, money/he rejected us was the issue. as for vela – that would be an amazing signing, as would dos santos.

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