Date: 20th February 2008 at 5:04pm
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Going completely away from a lot of subjects at the moment but 1 I think is crucial to the long term stability of the club as a top premier league performer.

Will we ever have a top stadium to watch this superb football in and will the players ever have a good training ground to train on?

For many years as a Pompey fan going back to the Old Fratton End before it was demolished we have had so many false dawns regarding a stadium the roll on roll off roofed one that Jim Gregory promised to the ill fated Farlington marshes and them bloody brent geese!!!

Mandaric promised to turn the pitch 90 degrees and then the bizarre hard project but at last we seem to have a feasible option, don’t get me wrong I love Fratton Park, I was brought up in the shadow of the floodlights listening to the roar of goals in my Nan’s back garden as a small boy but if we ever are going to compete we need a top stadium and Fratton just does not seem viable.

I wonder if the council really want a successful football team sometimes with the little help and backing they generally give the club when it has looked at different options and the same could be said of the new training ground which people just want to shoot down before it ever has a chance.

I really hope that when my son and daughter get a bit older we have a top class stadium that the top class fans deserve but a small piece of me would love to take them to Fratton Park, oh well only time will tell!

Written by knocker.

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22 Replies to “New ground/Training ground??”

  • i love fratton park, and if we could keep it forever and ever i would love this – but we all know that to be up with the very best we need to move on, but as you rightly say the local councils are not helping us at all with this or the training complex – why i dont know, as i keep saying the benefits for portsmouth as a city would be incredible… if it was possible to redevelop fratton that would be a dream, but its too old and just not possible to expand it to a 35,000 stadia is it, i guess another thing we have to think is do we have the funds available to make this happen too tho…

  • I think that for the stadium we’ve got the best chance that we’ve had for years that it will happen – but these things take time, and it was back to the drawing board again just a few weeks ago. So I am hopeful about that, but I do take your point about how long the various plans have been going on. The training ground business concerns me – instead of Pompey Council putting a spanner in the works all the time, now its Fareham’s turn. What’s their problem?

  • one of the issue’s we have above all other EPL teams is that we are an Island and real estate is not only at a premium but the council need to ensure that maximum re-use is gained from any proposal. I appreciate that the training facilties are probably going to be outside the City but the ground surely has to be part of a bigger project with some form of re-use by other parties (no not Rugby) -and as much as the council want to support PFC they are no doubt trying to meet the demands of many other interest groups, some as powerful as the Navy…. Anyway, I say let’s do an IBM and recover some of that stinky muddy land along side the Eastern Road!!

  • God article knocker, weve debated this long and hard on this site, and never got to any reaasonable answer. I’ve come to the conclusion just to love FP for what it is, and believe an alternative if/when it ever happens.

  • Would one of the local posters take a few minutes and ring the councils concerned and see if they can get any confirmation or otherwise that any formal application of any sort has been lodged for the stadium at the newest proposed site. Also ask about any appeal that has been lodged in regard to the rejection of the approval for the training facilities. Russellm might be a good one to do that as he has the contacts I think. The results could suprise and you can draw a conclusion from them.

  • Good shout Aussie and it might be worth a trip to the Guildhall too to see what they have up on the wall in terms of planning applications and objections….. Personally, I’m in the same boat as P4me in as much as I tend not to get too excited (or otherwise) with any plans for a new ground… I can remember it being mooted that we were moving to Harry Pounds yard (Tipner) back in the late seventies… whatever came of that plan ? Fratton Park will always be Pompeys spirtual home and a wrench to leave if ever we do so … The thing that winds me up the most it the proposed capacity of these new stadia… Surely 38,000 seats shows lack of long term ambition… why not a 50,000 capacity stadium with free (or at least half price) entry for the under 12’s, over 60’s and the disabled…. It’s all about atmosphere isn’t it … I just don’t see why in these days of increasing attendances that a club who used to draw 35,000+ crowds is going to limit itself again… Oh well que sera … I reckon I’ll be standing in the Fratton End until I retire …

  • I watched play Arsenal today and noticed they had standing room for supporters. I thought safety regulations and insurance companies had stopped allowing standing room in the UK as they have in Australia. If this is not so why can’t standing room be reintroduced at Fratton Park to allow the less well healed to get in.
    On the stadium capacity; I have held the view (and posted it) that the stadium should have a capacity of 36,000 but with provision in the design for that to be increased to 60,000 as the need arises. If Pompey are to get to the Glamour level and be a profitable club in its own right it needs 50 to 60,000 at each and every home game. Without that number we may get in the top 3 once but we will never be able to maintain that level year after year. As for the free tickets for the over 60’s; yes I’m in favor of that then all I will have to do is pay around 1,000 pounds for the airfare.Disabled should always be free and under 12’s should get a loyalty ticket- pay 1 childs ticket and bring your under 12 friend for free.
    Again on the site for the stadium. I understand PFC own a number of the homes around the ground. What would it cost to buy the rest out and bulldoze them to allow a bigger ground? They were pretty ramshackled when I was a kid so they can’t be great now. I hope I’m not offending anyone who lives in one of them but it,s just a thought and probably wouldn’t get council approval anyway.

  • i cannot believe that was an ‘official’ standing area, you know what football fans are like… you have to agree, we have heard it so many times – ‘we’re going here’ or ‘we’re going there’ but nothing happens, i guess as people until something happens we just enjoy fratton as it is, i too tent to be of the ‘i’ll beleive it ‘if’ it happens thought on a new ground… it would also be very interesting as pointed out if we could find out if official plans have indeed ever been submitted as is claimed, where pompey are concerned you cannot help being skeptical at times can you, as how often have we been told one thing only to find out it is something completely different signings of robert, kamara and most recently defoe only to find out they were only loans, with kamara being the most bizarre, announced as a club record signing only to return to italy briefly before going to west brom as he was only on loan…

  • Again we are not being told the whole truth. My planning contacts tell me that any major project such as our training ground proposals, would have been discussed and approved in detail before a purchase was made. So we have been naive beyond belief or ……………

  • i think pompey has the money to make the new ground if they didnt the proposal wouldnt of been made in the first place, pompey is getting bigger and better each game so we need a stadium to match the growth

  • we need a new stadium, AND new training grounds. i donyt think anyone xcan argue with that. HOWEVER, how big the stadium should be, and where to put it is a different matter.

  • 36 000 is the planned size, and when that was first announced, i was a little disopointed. HOWEVER, surely it is better to play in a state of the art stadium, that everyone in the country is jelous of, and is full week in week out, and makes more noise than THE WHO, than it is to follow blackburn and boltons example of having big stadiums, that never get filled on the basis that you will never be oversubscribed to games, and so will make more money. you can claim its a lack of ambition staying small, but if you looked at the original plans, and realise that actually having it bigger is just a moneyspinner (would we fill a 50 000 seater stadium anyway? portsmouth isnt that big a town…maybe if there was no rivalryt between pompey and scum…and there was only 1 team we could…but there is, and there are 2 teams, so we are stuck with it) – actually, this is the club looking at keeping the fans involved in the club, not just mooving for the money.

  • Maybe we should build a refugee hostel & a how to learn English school alongside the training ground then maybe we will get a green light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pompey carpet; a post I made on another site a few months suggested one of the best things that could happen was to amagalmate Portsmouth and Southampton, call them The South Coast Pompey Saints or similar, build a new stadium somewhere between the two cities with a 60,000 capacity with rail, road and bus links between the 2 cities. Sell off Fratton Park and the Saints ground but use the Saints training facilities, which I believe are good. The only support I got was from a Cherries supporter and I got called names, from both sets of supporters, that would have made a sailor blush. So I don’t think combining the clubs will ever be a goer unless Southampton fold and PFC buy them out.

  • Guys,I reckon most fans would rather be s struggling independant than join forces with the scum. It’s not a rivalry issue for me – my Dad was from there and on visits to his folks it felt.., well.., different, not worse or better, just different. They talk funny too : )

  • i dont have the real ‘hatred’ of scum that some do but joining up with them is a no go for me – it couldnt ever happen… as for the stadium pompeycarpet you say pompey isnt that big a town, its not exactly small tho is it and the advantage that we have as opposed to the likes of blackburn and bolton as per your example is we have the surrounding areas that we can draw from with pompey being within easy travelling distance from so many areas surrounding us… blackburn is a tiny town, bolton isnt exactly huge but with these 2 clubs you have to rememeber that liverpool, united, citeh, everton and so on surround them so most locals are drawn to them… fratton park is fratton park, if we have to stay here then i will not be unhappy but this will hamper the progress we can make.

  • ChrisW, I am one of the minority. I think joining with Southampton, whilst losing one team from the south coast, would, after the uproar settled, give us one very affluent and very strong team with a big fan base. English football is going to have to rationalise sooner or later to progress. That will mean clubs will have to amalgamate and hence some will go out of existance and some will lose their professional licenses. It won’t be popular. It may be years away before it happens but the financial burden on clubs will become too much and it will happen one way or another. In this area you already have Southampton, Bournemouth and, I think I am right in saying, Brighton in financial trouble and struggling. There won’t always be benefactors there to save them. If one of them goes then rationalisation has started and there will be more to follow. Voluntary amalgamation is never popular in any sport but it invariably turns out to be in everyones best interest. I expect flak about this view but that’s not unusual.

  • rug – there are quite a lot of teams down on the south coast, big teams in one county is a lot by any stretch of the imagination, and portsmouth will struggle to get a fan base anywhere near half the size of leeds. pompey is just a small town, with another big premiership club half a mile down the road (ok, massive exageration, but you get the point)

  • frattonaussie:- pompey will never join saints. whilst it would almost certainly result in a significantly better club, with more fans in practice, it just wouldnt work. for the first 5 years, no-one would turn up to watch the games, as fans wouldnt want to get together, what colour kit would they wear without favouring one of the sides? and if fans didnt come, players wouldnt come, and the club would go bust. It is the sort of idea that a beurocrat in brussels would say “there are 2 football teams whithin 6 miles of eachother, lets join them up to save money” – the result would be no football clubs.

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