Date: 26th May 2015 at 6:22pm
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Can you ‘play football in league two and be successful?’ Many feel that it’s not a league you can ‘play your way out of’ but this isn’t something that Paul Cook agrees with as this is his way – he’s a manager that’s known for his ‘expansive style’ of play.

I’ve often banged on about how I ‘want to be entertained’ and from the sounds of what he’s told the News we will be:

‘Playing will be our way. You must have a good fitness level to press the ball at source. There’s all different ingredients going in there.

‘We’ll make sure the lads work hard on the training ground. Then we’ll make sure they go on to the pitch feeling confident.

‘It’s the way I want the game to be played.’

Football’s meant to be about entertainment, of course entertainment doesn’t mean wins does it but what it does equal is enjoyment and this is what I know I definitely want personally from football…

Entertainment and enjoyment appeals to me a clearly laid out plan that we WILL be playing attacking football, which is what he’ll do with him confident of getting the players in that we need to do this, is another big plus:

‘Hopefully, by the time we put this in place, it will be something our supporters want to engage with. I want them on board.

‘In the modern-day game, if you play with two strikers you will lose possession of the ball. That will be the case, especially as you climb up the leagues.

‘Our team will have very attacking full-backs. I want our full-backs to attack like you wouldn`t believe.

‘Everything will be worked on with that in mind.’

There will also be no more square pegs in round holes, only round pegs going in these round holes – at times ‘needs must’ but it’ll only be as a last resort and certainly not something we did on a regular basis!

What will all of this bring us? A place in the championship in time, which is a level we want to be at again and he feels that we’ll get to under his leadership:

‘It’s the appeal of building the club. It’s the appeal of thinking where could we take this club.

‘I believe, in today’s market, we could be a Championship club.

‘The Premier League is a completely different animal. But I do think we can get Portsmouth into the Championship.

‘If that’s possible we’ll do everything possible to achieve it.’

How long will this take? He, and we; know it’ll ‘take time’ and he’s not putting a timeline on this but given time he feels, and I would believe, he can do this…

First things first, lets just get our of league two and then take it from there – although ‘momentum’ is a something that often happens with football so when, and not if, we can get into league one that momentum will, ideally, and hopefully take us back to the championship too!

Speaking of promotion, surprise, surprise we’ve been made ‘favourites’ once more next season, which is the case for the 3rd season running…

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