Date: 10th September 2012 at 3:20pm
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When I was at Crawley yesterday afternoon the first ‘mutterings’ of a ‘reported $20m Middle East interest in Pompey’ reared its head…

At fulltime, and with us celebrating our first win of the season, ‘unconfirmed reports’ were beginning to grow more steadily!

By the time I was on my well on my way back to Devon on the train there were even some quotes attributed to Pompey administrators PKF, as quoted by The News, that a ‘preliminary offer’ had come in with a ‘£12.5m bid lodged’: ‘we can confirm we have had a preliminary offer from a Middle East group and we are currently seeking clarification of funding before we can take it any further.’

Apparently documentation had been seen that saw this consortium had deposed AED75.058m (Emirati Dirham), so roughly £12.5m, into an escrow account at the end of August.

So, here we go again eh! You always hope for the best but I just cannot see what Pompey really has to offer anyone?

‘Anonymous Arab bidders’ does not leave me sitting comfortably I must say but I am certain that a portly fella with previous at Fratton is in someway involved…

That portly fella would be a certain SAF!

Al Fahim must in some shape, way or form be involved in this as SAF has always retained some sort of interest in Pompey and ‘possibly’ feels he has unfinished business with Pompey?

Other ‘rumours’ are saying that this consortium is the one that recently wanted to takeover at Leeds but pulled the plug having grown tired of dealing with Ken Bates?

Whoever it is lets just be wary, and people should not get ‘wrapped up’ in ‘Emirati Dirham billions riding to Pompey’s recue’ that will make us the greatest force in English, European and World football with anyone thinking that ‘all our problems’ are solved…

To be fair to SAF I do not feel that he ever intended to inflict pain on Pompey, he was just na├»ve enough to be drawn in – and did not realise how much s**t we were sinking in! – and this fantasy world that he often lives in did not pan own as he expected in reality.

‘A dreamer’ is how some have described him, and I would agree with that to be honest.

With the means to invest (sensibly) in this club I often felt that he, and his backers, ‘probably’ did have Pompey’s best interests at heart and could have achieved something but our murky past is constantly troubling us, although lets not kid ourselves into thinking we would have got ‘something for nothing!’

This would not have been the case then and will not be the case now either, something would be wanted back but quite what Pompey can offer remains questionable…

We await the next instalment in the Portsmouth Football Club drama!


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