Date: 14th February 2006 at 10:36am
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The Mirror has published this morning what can only be described as a load of rubbish. It has to be the worst exclusive I have ever read.

1) It says that Sacha wants rid of Harry Redknapp. The guy doesn?t do interviews for one and secondly they don?t have a single quote to back it up.

2) There is a quote from Milan which there which there article is based on it reads, ?We are frustrated and disappointed. We have spent a lot of money, brought in nine players and Sacha has still not seen a victory. We have not emerged with enough points and that is very disappointing.’ We?ll there not going to be happy are they but that doesn?t mean they want Harry out. I wasn?t happy that my girlfriend woke me up this morning to give me a pathetic valentine?s card. I aint going to dump her for it!

3) It says Sacha?s friends have said he is unhappy the way Harry has criticised the previous players he was left with. Wait a second, if I was Sacha I would be pleased about this and I?m sure he is. There were bad players Sacha comes in we now have good players. He would be more than happy for Harry to say this.

4) They are just trying to disrupt a team that previously had so many stories surrounding it. It was getting a bit boring on the South Coast because transfer window had gone, we are playing better and we have a new manager. Then some idiot, who obviously had nothing better to write about, wrote an article on pure lies.

He was so ashamed of the article on the internet he didn?t put a name or an email address. If there is a contact email address in the paper please let me know.

I have seen two websites now saying the pressure is on Harry. Let?s think about it shall we. They are not going to sack him and he only has a contract till the end of the year. There is pressure on everyone including the fans to get behind the team and the manager.

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