Date: 8th January 2008 at 10:16am
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Matty Taylor will not be joining any of the sides he has been linked with, he will stay with Pompey! Not my vote, yours – although these findings from jbaker’s poll are thoughts that I would like to agree with, sadly I do not…

I find it increasingly hard to believe that we have any possibility of holding onto Matty Taylor now, once you make it clear to a player that you are willing to let them leave how can you expect them to stay and play for you – it just cannot happen can it?

We have accepted at least 2 bids – maybe more – but until we find a replacement Harry Redknapp has said he will not let him go, this in itself will only anger Taylor more surely.

To be honest, Redknapp might be moaning about not having enough players – if he used some that he will not this would not be such a problem – but the minute you start accepting bids for players, no matter how few you have you are playing a dangerous game so I say he has to let him go – he probably will not play him anyway so what is the point of holding onto him?

What the poll asked – Which team will Matty Taylor move to? (Hopefully none)

How you voted – None, he will stay (whoop) 42%, Bolton 22%, Reading 16%, Rangers 7%, Sunderland 5%, Spurs 4%, Fulham 2%, Other 2%

Current Poll – The Africans have gone, but which one will be missed the most?

The players that we have that are going to the African nations have now gone, but which one will be missed the most, or is it just the numbers that we will miss – this is what pompeyboy and tracyc – they both sent me similar polls so I just combined the 2 – want to know with this – ‘which of the 4 African players who are leaving will we miss the most?’ Let the poll do the talking before we do when it finishes.


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