Date: 10th August 2007 at 10:28am
Written by:

It gets tiresome hearing the same things repeatedly I know, but today the Sun are claiming fresh reports of Spurs interest and a possible bid for Matty Taylor – with him again their ‘number one target for their problem position on the left’.

This has been a long running theme for the Spurs supporting Pompey star, which is often used as a reason for him to go to them, so the ‘fresh reports’ are nothing new are they.

It is said that Spurs have offered £4m, but Pompey are looking for double that, which looks to have frightened them away – for now.

Although it is also claimed that cash and a ‘fringe player’ could be offered in exchange. I am not suggesting he is a ‘fringe player’ of course but we could always take Jermain Defoe in exchange, which sounds like a fair trade!

We get tired of saying it, well I know I do, but why would we want to sell Taylor? He is one of our British – which are mainly English – core of players, something that is vital for Pompey in order to retain our identity, with it also vital we keep him as he is one of our top players.

My thinking as always is, unless players such at Taylor want to leave, then we should not even be entertaining the thought of letting them do so – and nor will we.


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