Date: 3rd October 2011 at 8:09pm
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This was to be the updated match report after saturday’s defeat to Leeds, it was my missus’ 40th as I mentioned at the time, this obviously took up a lot of time over the weekend, I was going to do a full report after at least seeing some highlights.

Since then though the interweb has alive with fans clambouring for the managers head after a 50% loss rate so far this season, not great form and attendances are starting to reflect the disillusionment amongst Pompey fans.

Pompey did their usual trick of not coming alive until the second half, this infuriates us fans as we pay for a full match and not one good half. I myself have been pleading for a good performance at Fratton for a long while, they have been few and far between for nearly 3 seasons now, the away form is fairing little better as well, although seem to suit counter-attack football better.

Now a quarter of the season is up, fans and owners alike start to expect to see progress on the pitch, Pompey have been sporadic in that respect, sountless onfield personnel changes don’t help the situation for sure, one thing Pompey fans will not except however is lack of effort in a blue shirt, if a player is out of form but gives his all, 9 times out of 10 he will be given a fair amount of slack from the terraces.

The big issue with the team is obviously lack of goals, we have lacked an out and out scorer for a while now, no-one can seem to hit the net regularly, Benjani will run all day long but he will never be prolific, his best ever return was 4 seasons ago when he bagged 15 for the only time in his career, since then he has only scored another 11 goals, Varney averages 1 in 4, while Huseklepp just under that total, all good honest players but none prolific or likely to get 20 in a season.

Dave Kitson is off the radar at the moment but for Pompey averages, that’s right 1 in 4.

In a nutshell thats where a lot of our problems lie, on saturday our best chances fell to Halford and Ward, both supposedly defensive players, our most regular player to appear in goalscoring positions seems to be Norris, he seems to lack the necessary composure when in front of goal though, so again not enough output.

So, back to the manager, Steve Cotterill angers a lot of fans with his man management, Rocha is a favourite amongst the crowd as is Hreiedarsson, their abscence as we struggle riles fans, if we were winning of course it wouldn’t matter, the Matt Ritchie departure also angered a few, his success at Swindon highlighting the matter, we don’t know what happens behind closed doors of course, he may of been out of order, but then again we don’t care about that, on the pitch is what we see.

Attendances have dropped to around the 12,000 mark, all your ‘premiership’ fans have probably dropped off, but I know a fair few who have stopped going because the football is not entertaining enough, this up to the manager to put right and quickly.

So the fans want a change, no doubt the money men will be taking note as the turnstiles stop spinning, CSI have been going about their business quietly and effectively so far, I put my faith in them whole heartedly now I see the direction they take, I don’t feel Cotterill will leave this month, but if he can’t get the maximum out of the men on the pitch in the next two games I reckon he will depart, patience is a virture we are told, Lawrence has called for the fan’s to ‘stay with us’, we always have Liam, but its time to stop selling us short.