Date: 21st September 2008 at 5:03pm
Written by: Gleams

30 pound. I paid 30 pound today lads, to witness what can only described as a piece of *(“&$*”. I mean, everything went wrong today. The fact I was stuck in the turnstiles for 10 minutes, as they broke down just as I was walking through, the fact that only diet coke was on offer at the kiosk that I went to, oh and the little problem of the 11 players wearing pompey shirts didn’t care, they didn’t care if we were beaten 6 nil, they wouldn’t of cared if we were beaten 100 nil. All they did was waddle around trying to get rid of the ball, no spirit, no heart, nothing.

First half actually wasn’t that bad. Should of scored through Crouch, Campbell and Diop, but I’m not considering him a Pompey player anymore, he was absolutely pointless. All he did, was….err nothing. Jamo did a couple of wonder blunders, letting Jo score the easiest goal of his career, when David went AWOL and ran after him. And then you may of seen it, but it was probably the worst mistake James has made in a Pompey shirt, corner coming in, easy catch, or you would of thought, but no, he reacted to it as if it was 1000 degrees and let Dunne score, whoopee. Now, like I said, we weren’t playing to badly, certainly not 2-0 down badly, and we were having some good success down the right, but honestly why cross to big Pete when his aerial skills are nonexistent? He had a couple of clear opportunities to score, cross from Johno, centre of the goal, and smashed it wide, then from a corner a tame header. Like I said Campbell with a good header but cleared off the line.

As we went in at half time, I was in pretty average spirits. Sure we were getting beaten, but I knew some chances would come second half if we performed a little better, and if we had performed like we did in the first half, I would be sitting here, probably writing about a pretty average performance but no end product.

Instead I’m writing this:
The second half was so bad, that I was embarrassed for Pompey at fulltime. I truly was. Every single player who walked out of that dressing room was crap. Even Diarra, who for all his endeavour couldn’t lift the rest of the team to even play football!! I don’t even think we created a chance! It was if they didn’t care, and that got me angry when they’re getting paid ridiculous amounts of money to play football and they couldn’t be arsed to even try to play!! For 45 minutes!!

Utaka came on, and was rubbish like always, sell him. Now I’m not even going to go into why he was bad because we’ve all heard it before. Campbell is to old for 3 games on the bounce and was slower then an oil ship in reverse. Even Distin was showing his age against the likes of Robinho and SWP.

All 4 goals were well taken, but they shouldn’t have happened. All of them came through mistakes in defence, or a stupid pass or just a sloppy touch. I actually cant remember who scored the 3rd. according to BBC it was…Robinho, who was clear on goal with no black shirt in sight to score.

After that it turned into a horrible, horrible half an hour and I don’t really want to plunge in there guys, see for yourself on MOTD, it was hideous what we were playing.

No positives to take away from that I’m afraid, and I’m sorry for the poor effort of a report, but if you can believe me, I’m not really in the mood!


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