Date: 14th February 2008 at 9:01am
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Lassana Diarra is already attracting the attentions of a bigger club, according to reports.

This bigger club do not come much bigger than Real Madrid, and it is claimed that they are planning to make a £7m offer in the summer.

He came here for first team football and this is what he has been getting since his £5.5m move from Arsenal in January, and these performances are attracting the attentions of others.

Well this story has going since the minute Diarra signed for Pompey but please start the bidding at £15m+

Written by storagematt.

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15 Replies to “Madrid eyeing up Diarra”

  • if a club like madrid are interested, that is the type of club that probably would tempt him away… it depends on howe much – or more likely ‘how little’ we have put in place at which ‘the bidding’ must start, £7m would just be an insult, £15m would be nearer the mark but i dont think anyone will offer much more than the amount ‘they have to’… all we can do now is enjoy it while he is here, as i keep saying if he does well we should do well also…

  • Its inevitable really. Diarra is a class player and we should enjoy having him at Pompey for as long as it lasts. But I agree, although we expect we’ll have to lose him, we expect it to be for a decent profit, £7m is not enough at all.

  • Matt when Real Madrid come knocking you must demand top dollar as you have little chance of holding on to your players who will soon become a galacticos. But only rumours and traceyc is almost right but Diarra is a WORLD class player!!

  • Kranjcar is off today as well! Pompey are playing well and the players are in the spotlight, it is inevitable

  • The trouble with a team that becomes successful is the bigger fish will do to you what we have done to others. The point is £7m for Diarra is a pathetic amount. Arguably have Aresenal got a buy back clause? If he is in France’s euro team & plays well as with Nico & Croatia, we may have to wave goodbye to them at a price that suits us.

  • storagemalt: Diarra will be for sure in the French squad, and i see it in the first 11 alongside Vieira with Makelele on the bench, for me Croatia is one of the favourite (even if they lost 0-3 at home against Hollande in Friendly game) so, Kranjcar might be good, and will be good i think…… Like you said everybody will look at them, and they risk to go, if the clause is not high…

  • the thing that diarra – and co – need to remember above all else is ‘the grass is not always greener on the other side’ is it…

  • Diarra will move on if a big club come in, and Harry will sell him if the price is right, we have to accept that we will not hold back our players from the big stage if it calls.

  • If Harry scouting system can dig up wonderful players like Diarra, Nico & Munatri, no doubt he can find suitable replacements. Just think of the dross we had between 1994-2002 in the period after Jim Smith & before Harry took over. Be very grateful for what we have had for the last 5 years.

  • Guys, I don’t think we can assume that Harry’s scouting system will continue to find new players as if drawn from a never ending pool of previously undiscovered talent. Look at Chelsea, huge funds, big club, blah blah, yet even they had to resort to signing the sulk from Bolton in order to solve their ANC and three left leg Shevchenko striker crisis. Money to them is the least of their problems and immaterial of the size of their scouting network they find themselves short of players. Agreed it?s inevitable that fame, trophies and riches will entice our best players away, let?s just not assume that their replacements will be so easily found next time round.

  • During the transfer period almost every player available was linked with Pompey. Now the transfer period is over almost every player at Pompey is linked with another club. It is an easy way to make up a story and it’s getting boring.

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