Date: 12th August 2007 at 12:44pm
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Sky sports news have reported that Lomana Lua Lua has joined Greek side Olympiakos.

It appears he has signed a three year deal, for a fee purported to be in the region of £2m.

Does this mean that a new striker is heading our way?

I think there will be many times this season when we will miss the mercurial talents of the little DR Congo man.

Written by pentonpompey.

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26 Replies to “Lua Lua goes Greek”

  • well nothing official from pompey yet, but the official olympiakos website had him down as a signing last night! ive been up and down on where i stood with lua for sometime now but im disappointed tbh that he has gone, particularly for such a low amount £2m-£3.5m depending on what you read… yep, its a clean break for him which is probably something he needs and yep it is champions lge football but i still think it is a waste of talent playing in greece. good luck to him tho. as penton says we will miss him im sure but if anelka or yak came in in his place i would be pretty happy tbh!

  • he would fit into the champions league well, and he would engoy running amok in some games in greece – but really, this is a major step back.

  • yep, agree mate he will look a fantastic player – not that im saying he isnt – in greece, but this could be alittle deceptive as how strong is greek football really? my mate tells me he really wanted to go to spain – which would have been a better judge of his quality – but no one wanted him. good luck to him tho…

  • I’m so on the fence with him, not really sure what to think about all this. Sure he has talent in abundance, and as he showed Pre-Season, sometimes he can be unplayable. Other times his petulance, arrogance, and mood swings leavealot to be desired, can’t have been good for the dressing room. No doubt though in certain games this season we will miss his unpredictability and and ability to unlock defences when all our other channels are spent. Good luck to him, and thanks for the Saints game-treasured memories 🙂

  • Rug, my mate on media street tells me LL did not want to go at all and found out last week HR was hawking him around to anybody and everybody trying to get a striker in exchange. Something untoward happened for sure you do not make a decision like that 12 hours before season start. Also is it not really odd that he has taken what you rightly call a step backwards. the [problem is we are no where near replacing him, Utaka is good but not the same thing. i thought pentonpompey was talking about Anelka for a minute. I also see some media people are also saying we are begining to panic about our strike force

  • agreed we dont “look” like signing anyone at the moment, however the signings of Nugent and Utaka were both sprung on us, without any clear indications. I think that if we were to let him go, we would have someone else close to signing, but who, and how soon is another matter???

  • well in that case russ, if he did not want to go then i feel that ‘arry has slipped up here as lua was looking like he wanted to be here again wasnt he…

  • on the face of it people might think nugent, benji, utaka and kanu is enough, but it isnt is it – utaka is going to be used {and most affectivly} out wide, kanu will not be able to start too many games let alone finish them so we cannot rely purely on benji and nugent who will need rests and as much as i hope not will probably pick up little niggles here and there wont they. lua offered another option, aswell as a different one so i just hope ‘arry has something lined up in the next, what 19 days or so!

  • Got to be one out, one in me thinks but who? Never forget Luas performance on 23 April 2005 though wil we?

  • man u – reading: DISASTER!!! reading held man u to a 0-0 draw, leaving united with a poort start, that i dont see them wanting to make any worse! Admitadly, we have also had a poor start, but i doubt man u will be quaking in there boots as we filed to beat derby, whereas i am genuinly concerned that we will be up against a united side aiming to kick off their season themselves, and are unliklty to omprimes over poor old us – and they definatly wont be underestimating us this time. They will be all out for the win, lets just hope that history stays behind us, and we grab all 3 pts.

  • but we will be up against a united with no regonised striker after rooney busted his foot! saha and solskjaer are out, tevez wouldnt be ready so as long as we keep the portuguese winker quiet and watch nani i didnt see to much today that should concern us… at the same time mate you have to remember it is our 1st home game of the season, the fans will be up for it so will the players plus united dont like coming to fratton do they – im not worried, win lose or draw for them today made little difference for me i still think we will do them.

  • Got to keep the good memories of LL. His goals kept us up when it mattered & sent the scummers down. I think he is worth more than £2m but what the hell. Go smash some plates LL.

  • Good Luck Lua Lua a lot of us will miss you and all will remember you for one game above all else. I loved to watch you play and hoped you’d stay but all the best for the future, i hope you can put all you’re off field problems behind you.

  • you are right rug, i have been out with a mate from media street all evening and the general feeling in the media is the club have mismanaged yet another player, but this time we have really dropped our selves in it. He asks the question do we really need anelka with the pre season form of LuaLua or is this another of HR’s ” ive always wanted this player” a la Cole, and i could nt honestly argue against him. I really think we need to beat manU to prevent a malaise descending over the club which is going to be very difficult to shift, with Sol and other senior players not too happy at the moment. Like the mancs we need to kick start our season, a good win and all will be forgotten. As for Rooney missing lets not forget Carrick, Winker, Giggs ( who will make a mess of herman) to name but three, they have a hell of a good squad, most of whome would walk straight into our team. Rug is there is some reason that i have missed cos i think Tevez can play against us? Either way we need to pull off a win.

  • I sure hope Harry has someone else in mind (and soon). Lua is a terrific talent and too good to not be a starter so all the best to him. I just worry that what we have left in the striker department places us in the middle of the pack at best. I also don’t thinkl we should go after Anelka. I’ve watched quite a few Bolton games and am not overwhelmed with the guy – striles me as being talented but lazy with an attitude to boot.

  • i would be happy moving distin to left back – if linvoy was fit… nope, you are right russ tevez can play but i the feeling is he wont be played yet?

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