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We all support Pompey; we all have an opinion on the club so why not share this? Vital Pompey is looking for answers to a few simple questions, which PompeyFrippy has.

Vital Pompey prides itself on the interaction we have with our members.

We like to think that we rarely claim to speak, or even say that we do speak, for all Pompey fans and instead look to gage a wider opinion from our own thoughts shared in that attempt to get the wider views shared by our fellow fans!

As such we welcomed answers to some (ideally all) of the following questions, which PompeyFrippy was happy to do.

Here is what they said…

1) Overall thoughts of the 2010/11 season?
It was a season for change, moreover, adapting to our new environment. Nobody expected us to bounce straight back up, and not many people even wanted to. There were a few spells with disappointing results but overall I found the season entertaining and satisfactory.

2) Who was the player sold or released (in the summer of 2010 or during the season) that we most missed in 2010/11?
David James. I was devastated when he left, even though we were all expecting it. Don’t get me wrong, Ashdown proved to be an excellent ‘keeper this season, especially when going 10 hours without conceding, but I think the experience David James brings, both on and off the pitch was sorely missed in the early stages of the season.

3) And the player sold or released (in the summer of 2010 or during the season) that we least missed?
I’d have to say KPB. The Prince was a quality player, no doubt about it, but I don’t think his style of play would be welcomed or even that useful in the Championship. When I saw him play for AC Milan in the Champions League against Spurs, he annoyed me, falling over at every opportunity and not grafting for the team. I know that the Italian game probably dictated him to add this dimension to his game, but I don’t think he would have fit in here, so I was grateful for the cash.

4) What did you find good about the 2010/11 season?
The entertainment factor which seemed to toss up a memorable game much more often than the Premiership ever did. So many times the lead would switch hands, and 2 goal leads would disintegrate. In the Premiership, when a team went 2 goals to the good, it was often all over, but now there is still a game to be played, and many times this season we showed that 2 goals is often not enough.

5) And the thing(s) you found most bad?
Our squad size was often very frustrating. The fact that a number of times Kanu had to play 90 minutes because there was nobody on the bench to replace him annoyed me. We only managed to get the required 18 man match day squad 2 or 3 times this season, and that has to be changed next year.

6) How many games did you attend in the 2010/11 season?
I attended 2 when I visited over Christmas, Millwall and Hull at Fratton.

7) Do you have any idea what you plans for attendance in 2011/12 will be?
I will be in Asia from now until Christmas, but will be at any games we have over the festive period. I will then be writing a thesis back in Ireland, so depending on my financial situation I may try and get to a few games in March-April time. Maybe a cup final.

8) So, onto Steve Cotterill – what are your thoughts on the boss?
I have mixed views on Cotterill. In hindsight, I believe our overall performance this season given what resources he had was a fantastic achievement, as many would have written us off for another relegation, but he does make some strange decisions and seems to be stubborn about keeping to them. His treatment of youth players is another reason for concern.

9) Who did you think was the most impressive loanee we had in 2010/11?
Greg Halford seemed to give consistently solid performances, as well as chipping in with a few goals and adding the long throw to our arsenal. An great all-round player, hopefully we can sign him up.

10) What about the least effective and impressive loanee Cotterill brought in last term?
I’ll avoid the obvious answer and go somewhat controversially for David Cotterill. I have nothing against the lad, he put in some workmanlike performances, but given that he was only here a few months, I feel he wasn’t that effective. I would have him back next season though, as I feel once he settles he can be a very valuable member of the team.

11) Favourite memory/game of 2010/11 was?
There’s a few. The Leeds game when Andy O’Brien salvaged a point for us felt good, and the win against Bristol City was exciting given Mokoena and Mullins both scored for the first time in ages, and against Jamo. But the overall highlight has to be our first win of the season, the 6-1 mauling of Leicester. The outpour of frustration with every goal really set us up for the rest of the season.

12) What about your worst moment/game in 2010/11?
Worst moment was being told that the club was about to be liquidated. I heard it on the phone while walking home from Uni, and it was the longest walk of my life as I knew nothing about the situation, just the fact that Pompey had announced they’re probably going to be liquidated. It’s a half hour walk, and so many things ran through my head, not a good feeling.

13) Your player of the season for 2010/11 and why?
A few contenders here but none that really stand out. I’m gonna say Halford, he impressed me a lot and was one of the few consistently good performers this season.

14) What about the least impressive player of 2010/11? Or should that be worst!
Other than the donkeys Hughes and Brown, I’ll go for Kitson. He doesn’t warrant his transfer fee or his wage, and has a lot to prove if he wants to win the fans over next season.

15) What would be your Pompey hopes, aspirations or expectations for 2011/12?
Finishing above ‘that lot’ is a big priority, but I think we need to focus on the squad for next season. Having 13 fit players isn’t good enough, so I hope Cotterill makes sure we are never short on numbers. The last of the big earners seem to be fading away, so the new wage structure should allow for a larger squad, and maybe an outside hope of a play-off spot.

16) And finally add anything else you would like here…
Summer is always a great time to be football fan, with the takeover now complete I hope the transfer market keeps the fans interested over the coming months, and roll on August!

Answered by PompeyFrippy.

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5 Replies to “Looking back/thinking forward with PompeyFrippy”

  • thought we would miss jamo alot more than we actually did – despite his season i am still not entirely convinced by paddy but we could have done a hell of alot worse tbf!
    halford has a good consistent season, and would be right up there as an option but would have been beaten to player of the season for me tbh…

  • I disagree regarding KPB. We certainly were missing the attacking-fire he possess. It looked evident Cotterill couldn’t come up with a solution for that position; tried many players to fill in, but failed on many of them!

  • Frippy if you are in Asia, I’m in Chiang Mai (North Thailand) Pop in, & see me at the Ba Ba Bo Bo bar, thats if your coming this way?

  • Wow, thanks for the offer yong. I’m not sure if I’ll be out that far, but rest assured I’ll pay a visit if I am, mainly just to hear someone say the name of the bar without sounding like they’re beat-boxing.

  • whilst i get what you are saying, as you did on your one Malta, his attitude and lack of commitment would have seen KPB fail in that position too methinks…

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