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We all support Pompey; we all have an opinion on the club so why not share this? Vital Pompey is looking for answers to a few simple questions, which moley2 has.

Vital Pompey prides itself on the interaction we have with our members.

We like to think that we rarely claim to speak, or even say that we do speak, for all Pompey fans and instead look to gage a wider opinion from our own thoughts shared in that attempt to get the wider views shared by our fellow fans!

As such we welcomed answers to some (ideally all) of the following questions, which moley2 was happy to do.

Here is what they said…

1) Overall thoughts of the 2010/11 season?
Still not had time to catch my breathe will all thats gone on this season and as I am writing this on the day (June 1st) that we have finally be taken over it looks like there will still be plenty to mull over. Firstly, after near extinction, I am so grateful to still have a club to support as I’m not sure what I’d do without Pompey. On the pitch considering all the constraints placed on the manager I think we have had a decent season. The two good runs we went on gave a bit of false hope I think as we couldn’t be expected to keep it going with the size of our squad. Overall though despite feeling like I’ve aged 50 years I’m just happy we are still here and still fighting!

2) Who was the player sold or released (in the summer of 2010 or during the season) that we most missed in 2010/11?
There are a few that could have done a job for us this season, but I think Marc Wilson had he stayed would have put the most effort in for the cause and after watching him play for Stoke you can see we have missed him. Players like KPB would always have their eye on a move away and even when we were in the Premier League he could look disinterested during games so thats why I have gone for Wilson.

3) And the player sold or released (in the summer of 2010 or during the season) that we least missed?
Judging by some of Bristol City’s results David James wasn’t missed much. I’m not doubting Jamo’s quality but I’m glad Ashdown has finally been given his chance with which he set a new post war record without conceding a goal. Yes he’s made a few mistakes but look at how many different defensive partnerships he’s had infront of him and don’t forget for the majority Jamo had Johnson, Campbell, Distin and Hermann as his defence.

4) What did you find good about the 2010/11 season?
As mentioned before the most important thing is to still have our club, apart from that the emergence of Joel Ward.

5) And the thing(s) you found most bad?
The waiting to find out if we were going to have a club to support. I know plenty of people out there will say it’s just a game but to fans like me and many others the prospect of not having a club to support is devastating. The wait on that day was agonising and thats when it really hit home how much I love this club, I just wish it didn’t have to go to that extreme!

6) How many games did you attend in the 2010/11 season?
Unfortunately only 1, the 2-1 win over Forest. Due to finance and having an operation during the season meant I couldn’t go anywhere near as much as I wanted. The cost coming from the I.O.W is ridiculous, time for a bridge for us I.O.W Pompey fans methinks.

7) Do you have any idea what you plans for attendance in 2011/12 will be?
Well it won’t take a lot to beat last season, as many as possible depending again on finances. I’ll get saving now!

8) So, onto Steve Cotterill – what are your thoughts on the boss?
Thrown into the lions den with his arms and legs tied behind his back. I think a lot of people have been unjustly harsh moaning about tactics, signings etc. He played to keep us up this season nothing more, I know we had a chance of the play-offs but I’m sure that even surprised him. Also many fans (including me) moaned about certain signings all season but I don’t think there was anyone else available who wanted to come to us, so you have o give him the benefit of the doubt. Overall he did what he had to do.

9) Who did you think was the most impressive loanee we had in 2010/11?
Greg Halford by far, he adds another dynamic with his long throws and can hit a free kick. I hope we can sign him permanently as he is a very good championship player.

10) What about the least effective and impressive loanee Cotterill brought in last term?
Toss up between Sonko and Dickinson, although Cotterill didn’t do much either. I’d have to go with Dickinson as I feel his positioning is awful.

11) Favourite memory/game of 2010/11 was?
Has to be the thumping of Leicester which sparked our first good run. Moment of the match though has to be Michael Browns individual Messi-like goal!

12) What about your worst moment/game in 2010/11?
Probably the loss to Brighton, although looking back they had all the momentum and deserved the win.

13) Your player of the season for 2010/11 and why?
Joel Ward by a country mile. There were some consistent performances from others such as Mullins and Ashdown but Ward was asked to play many different and flourished in every one. I’m just thankful the manager didn’t see him surplus to requirements like all our other youngsters!

14) What about the least impressive player of 2010/11? Or should that be worst!
I mentioned Dickinson before but I can’t fault his effort. The biggest let down for me was Dave Kitson as I had high hopes for him this season. He has a good record in the Championship and I feet we haven’t seen anything near to how he can perform. I’m hoping for a lot more from him next season.

15) What would be your Pompey hopes, aspirations or expectations for 2011/12?
As I mentioned in question number 1 that I am writing this on the day the takeover has gone through so it is a bit early to tell because as it stands I don’t know the new owners intentions and how they are going to invest in the squad. In a few weeks I think we’ll all have a better idea of what we can achieve this season, but firstly I hope they invest in the squad and allow us to have at least 18-20 players to pick from so we can compete on a level playing field with all the other teams. So long as we beat that lot down the road home and away I’ll be happy and perhaps make the play-offs.

16) And finally add anything else you would like here…
It’s been a turbulent year, but it’s something which has become the norm for us Pompey fans. We still have a club and the best supporters in the world. Lets hope for a bright future and continual steady growth which will once again see us competing against the best!


Answered by moley2.

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6 Replies to “Looking back/thinking forward with moley2”

  • lots of good, indepth, answers there moley – totally agree about wilson and he is down as my ‘most missed’ player too. KPB, whilst there is obvious quality, would not have been missed that much as his attitude would have been poor – just look how poor it was when we were a premier league side, well until he sniffed a chance of cup glory!

  • Yes, good sensible answers Moley, but would you not prefer a tunnel to a bridge taking your name into account & all? lol

  • Lol, PompeyYong, you could be onto something there. At least a tunnel wouldn’t get in the way of the ferries!

  • Just a comment about Jamo, yes he had a better defence than Ashdown had (or was it not?!) but those days we were playing against better strikers in a higher level of football!

  • I think Ashdown is very much a confidence player. After letting in a clanger earlier in the season he made some poor decisions and didn’t seem to dominate his area as well. But when he started keeping clean sheets he looked phenomenal, which gave the defence more confidence hence the post-war record he broke.

  • I think Ashdowne is a very ordinary player, ok for the odd shot stop but not good at the normal crosses or box control stuff. I don’t think is just down to confidence, thats not fair on him, he also does not have the physical stature of the average keeper therefor is just not commanding or imposing enough. Still we don’t have another option yet but I bet it’s a very high priority.

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