Date: 24th May 2010 at 5:32pm
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A little less conversation a little more action please is a famous line from the legendary Elvis Pressley – this, in many ways sums up where I am at now…

Whilst I fully appreciate that these things take time, the CVA I am talking about – the rest will then follow, I would now appreciate this time spent being focused purely on this and this ONLY, especially from those that ARE meant to be doing this.

Yep, Mr Admin Andy I am talking about you.

To be fair in many ways he is damned is he does and damned if he does not as people want to hear what is going on but if others are like me then they will be getting increasingly frustrated with hearing from him virtually every day, and in the main on areas that are not really his concern – or should not be, at least not the main concerns he should be having.

As the administrator, or at least one of them, is it not his job to get everything in place to get the CVA sorted?

Granted player contracts are part of this, and selling players too will generate money but I do wish we constantly stopped hearing things about this from him, well to be honest stopped hearing so much full stop.

The guy clearly loves the media attention, and is lapping this up – so long as it is on his terms…a ‘media superstar’ is not what we appointed though is it!

For me the best way for him to keep us updated is by releasing anything that he needs to through The Pompey Site. That way we cannot have any ‘I was misquoted’ or ‘that was not what I said’ type scenarios can we, that is it, it has officially been said, not that this of course makes anything gospel, we know this by now.

If the CVA was agreed several weeks back ‘in principle’ yet why are we not really making inroads into having this ‘officially’ sorted? The end of last week, the beginning of this at least – ok, I know we are in this – is when we would see developments.

For me, I have these concerns that the fact Uncle Avram walked spoke volumes – and I worry that it means we are not as near to things being resolved as we are often told could be the case? There are only so many times you can be told ‘in a few days’, ‘by the end of the week or early next week’ before you stop believing this will happen, as I suspect happened with Uncle Avram.

If everything is virtually panned out already, meaning that Balram Chainrai takes control of the club again, then so be it, it has to happen so we can at least start planning for the future – as much as this is most probably not going to be liked and will see divided opinion, and most worryingly for me see a divide of the fans and possible fractions in this, and that being the last thing we want.

Uncle Avram has only been gone a few days but I am tired of manager talk already, lets face it this appointment is probably not going to happen until mid-late June, at best as HOW can we really appoint a manager without having an owner, lets alone a CVA in place?

The CVA is what we need, and sooner rather than letter, then we finally know where we stand – the ‘new owner’, or not, as it is either Rob Lloyd’s crew or Chainrai that will come in and I have this feeling that ‘if/when’ the CVA is sorted out this will be Lloyd’s ‘way out’, he will cite a 20p in the £ agreement as being beyond what he was led to believe would be the case, or something similar in an effort to ‘save face’. Although I could be wrong of course…

Until we get this no owner will be found, a manager cannot really be appointed and with these major problems of having no one in place to offer any form of stability then few players will commit to the contracts offered to them – if they would anyway, and could you blame them in many ways? Of course we cannot bring in any loanees or free agents until these things are sorted either.

So, Admin Andy, my plea to you is PLEASE spend more time working to get this principally agreed CVA officially agreed so we can come out of admin and let footballing minded people, such as our soon to arrive CEO make the decisions that their job means they should, oh and get rid of the ‘consultant!’ How on earth we can continue to take advice from a man that has played such a role in our downfall, who will then continue to be paid to do this, is beyond me. Are the coaching staff that we have in place not ‘footballing people’ so why not consult with them as after all they ‘should’ be in place long-term, Storrieteller will not…or will he!?

Just cut the poxy talking and get the things done that you are being paid to do, as said until you do this I really cannot see how we can be even contemplating anything else and the longer this limbo goes on the more likely a repeat of last season will become inevitable and sliding through the leagues will kill us off, if our problems as they stand do not anyway…


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