Date: 28th June 2006 at 8:15pm
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Lennon has told Petrov not to leave unless he goes to a top four club in England. He has confirmed that Petrov has made up his mind on leaving however has urged Celtic to do all they can to keep him.

‘We all hope that he decides to stay,’ said Lennon. ‘But, at the minute, his mind seems to be made up.

‘I spoke to him at the end of May and his ambition is to play in England.

‘It would be a massive loss for us if he went so I’m sure the club are doing all that they can to keep him.

‘It’s got to be a big club, really, because there is still a lot going on here, it’s a huge club.

‘If you did leave this club you would miss it unless you went to one of the top four or five clubs in England.

‘I have played in England myself and I know the Premiership and I know the standard of this club as well.

‘Allied to that, we have the Champions League to look forward to and there’s a good buzz about the club at the minute.

‘He is taking a gamble, and giving up a lot, but that’s his prerogative.’

He added: ‘In this day and age, a goalscoring midfielder is priceless.

‘But it’s not just his goals that he gives us, it’s his all-round game. He has blossomed into a fantastic player.

‘It will cost us a hell of a lot of money to replace someone like that.

‘He has grown up here at the club and, to be fair, it has been his life for the last six or seven years and I can understand he might want a fresh start in England.

‘But I am sure he understands why we all want him to stay.’