Date: 5th January 2011 at 8:48am
Written by:

To be honest I do not really know how much more can really be said about this issue, although it was interesting to read Liam Lawrence’s take, with what he told The Mail, on things.

He is ‘p***ed off’ that the situation with Mikey Brown’s and Richard Hughes’ contracts cannot be resolved: ‘I just wish the club would sort this out. I don’t want the fans to think Browney and Hughesie are being greedy because they are not asking for mega money.

‘They have offered to take massive pay cuts, not just 10 per cent or 20 per cent but 50 per cent cuts, but the club are not even speaking to them.

‘They come down here every game, they are in the dressing room, they travel to away games and are a proper part of things yet they cannot play, they cannot do their jobs. It p***** me off.’

This is where is becomes confusing?

Hughesy has previously said that he had made the 50% pay cut offer but said he had not heard anything back from the club.

Now Lawro says that BOTH players have offered to take such a cut yet the club are not even speaking to them?

Only yesterday David Lampitt said that ‘fair’ offers had been made to the players, so which is it then?

Have ‘fair offers’ been made or have no offers been made at all?

Whatever is happening with this situation needs to be resolved quickly as the players seem to have good support from their teammates and their manager, this could quickly escalate into something nasty with conclusions being made about reasons behind no deals being struck…

‘If’ 50% cuts have been offered, but the club still will not accept this, God only knows what the players must have been on!

I guess it is also the fact that this, albeit reduced, wage would then become the case for another 12-months at least and ‘perhaps’ even 50% of the current salaries is still far too much?

My hopes are that the best thing for the club is what is happening here and an unwillingness to dish out new deals for these players, as much as they would benefit the club by staying, is because the wages would still – as said – be far above what we should be paying out, and getting this wage bill – which continues to be our Achilles heel – sorted out is a must.

I am sure that Steve Cotterill will not be ‘unhappy’ with Lawro going public with his thoughts although I am not so sure that Lampitt and Balram Chainrai would be as happy to hear such comments.

One thing that I think is, or at least I VERY MUCH hope will, become apparent is the club are no longer going to bow to demands and if this is not liked by players or manager, even if us fans might not like it either, really tough decision will be made without much hesitation – once again SO LONG as this is being done with the CLUBS best interests in mind and not as an asset stripping measure, then needs must and standing firm needs to be the case. Not doing this, and throwing money round here, there and everywhere is what got us into this trouble lets not forget…


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