Date: 5th January 2011 at 5:23pm
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The latest instalment of the ‘David Lampitt Dairies’ was released on The Pompey Site today, click here.

In this, and if you read it on the above link, if you have not already, you will see that there is plenty of information in it to keep us abreast of developments at Fratton Park, and to be honest I find it hard to knock the guy.

We have asked for truthfulness, openness and a transparent approach and it ‘seems’ that he is offering us this, as he appears to have in the past, right?

The Tom Prince, Harbour Cancer Trust and Faith & Football charities have ALL been paid up in full, which is good news.

As far as movement out goes David Lampitt says that nothing is happening with Liam Lawrence or John Utaka: ‘as we know, January is a time for endless transfer speculation, much of it only having a passing acquaintance with the truth, so perhaps I shouldn’t have been too surprised to see Liam linked with a move away from us the day after he had signed! Never mind that he can’t move twice in the same window the story about a supposed bid from West Ham was as much of a surprise to me as it was to the manager and is fairly typical of the sort of nonsense that seems to surface at this time of year. The same goes for a report sent through to me this morning about a club in Turkey that we have apparently agreed terms with for the sale of John Utaka, which is pretty remarkable given that the club involved hasn’t even contacted us!’

The two loan spots that we have available ARE there to be filled by Steve Cotterill and the club will look to do this.

There ‘might’ also be some other inward movement with the ‘small kitty’ that he has, but we should not be expecting – as I am sure we are not – too much: ‘back in the real world, as a result of the Lawrence deal we now have two loan spots available which Steve will be looking to fill. And to reassure supporters, Steve is directly involved in every decision relating to the football side of the club. He has incredible expertise which I am happy to lean on and learn from – and I believe he has already well demonstrated his acumen in the transfer market in his short time here. Steve has mentioned publicly that he has a “small kitty” to work with in January. These details have been known for a little while but, as I’m sure you will understand, we don’t necessarily want to advertise our trading position to other clubs that we have to compete with/negotiate with. This is sensible business practice which I hope is not confused with a lack of transparency on our part.’

The clubs future WILL NOT be put at risk by making moves for players that are unrealistic.

As far as the futures of Mikey Brown and Richard Hughes go they WILL NOT play for the club again.

Contracts offered, but not accepted, have now been removed: ‘as I’m sure you’re all aware our squad numbers have also been compromised lately by the unavailability of Michael Brown and Richard Hughes because of inherited contractual issues. If Michael or Richard were to play one more game it would trigger new contracts at a level the club simply cannot afford. We sought to reach a compromise and we made what we consider to be very reasonable offers to both players. The players wanted more, as is their prerogative and there is no criticism for that, but we have been disciplined in our approach and will not pay more than market rate or we can afford. Steve and I were hopeful that they would not have played their last games for us and that their desire to play football for this great club, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the team-mates who they have fought so hard with all season, would be their over-riding priority. Unfortunately, we have not reached agreement and their offers have now been withdrawn as we have to move on and make some tough decisions about building for the future with alternative resources.’

As I have said a few times I think both would offer us something, and would have liked nothing more than to have had them available to us – as it is, even with the reduced wages, as much as 50%, from the sounds if it this would still be WAY too much so needs must…

We now, I guess, look to move them on – or give them frees – this month, if this is not possible then they just see out their contracts, which I suspect would need paying up even if we offered them free transfers, which ‘might’ be our only option as it would be unsettling to the squad to have them come into training every day but not be involved at all.

There was more on Nadir Ciftci, Joel Ward and Dave Nugent – today being ‘linked’ with Wigan – and how we want them tied down to new contracts and how this is ongoing with it hoped that they can be tied down soon.

He also spoke about the office moves and the ticket fiasco at the weekend.

Finally, before thanking staff, etc. he made reference to Jim Sloan, who sadly died recently – look out for eastneydave’s tribute to him soon.

A diary well worth reading, do so by clicking here.

So guys, what did we make of Lampitt’s most recent diary – share your thoughts below…


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