Date: 16th December 2009 at 9:55pm
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The build up
2009 – December 16 – Wednesday evening – Cold – Wet – London – Stamford Bridge – Penniless Pompey – Bottom – No Premiership points at Chelsea – ever – In white – Seven team changes – No Kaboul – Silly Boy – Mullins – Mokoena – Diop in midfield – No Yebda – No Brown – Strange! – But Boateng back – No David James – Money Rich Chelski – Top – In blue – No Drogba – Will it matter ? – Probably not – Bookies say Pompey 14/1 to win – Worth a tenner – history – Played 6 – Lost 6 – score 1 – ermm probably not ! – Never happen – Avram returns – Good reception? – I wonder

The Game – First Half
7:45 -Referee – Mark Clattenberg – Starts game – Kick-off – Here we go – Play up Pompey
2 minutes – First action -Ballack shots wide – Shape of things to come – Probably – Lampard shots – well over

5 minutes played – Chelsea have started positively – No surprise – First corner to Chelsea – Comes to nothing but another corner – Taken by Deco – Flicked on by Ballack – Kalou heads over from three yards – Phew ! – Pompey are left off !

8 minutes – Third corner – Boateng clears – but not for long – Another corner – One every two minutes – will they get 45 ?- Who knows – Mokeona clears – Just.

10 minutes – Macca on the Quay – Bemoans Boateng not staying wide – With three central midfielders – he`s probably right !

12 minutes – Still 0-0 – I wonder if I should have had that tenner on a win – Wife tells Chix to stop drinking !

14 minutes – Pompey in Chelsea half – Wow – Finnan gets fouled by Lampard – Free kick – Can O`Hara pick out a man in the box – No!

17 minutes – The game has settled – Still mostly Chelsea – but early pressure has relented a little – or has it – Lampard shoots – Begovic takes easily

20 minutes – The Full Backs – Ivanovic and Cole create all their width – They must be shackled – But how ? – Stay wide Boateng!

22 minutes – A quarter way through – Alex comes forward – Wilson commits – oh dear – Alex finds Anelka – Anelka is unmarked – Goal – Pompey concede their 200th away goal in the premiership – Chelsea 1 Pompey 0 – Now glad I kept my tenner in my pocket !

25 minutes – Appeals for handball by Ben Haim inside the box – Ref says no! – Macca spruts incorrect rules about deliberate handball – As a ex-pro he should know better – Still – No penalty – Luckily

30 minutes – Chelsea in possession in Pompey half – Surprise!

32 minutes – Midfield assessment so far – O`Hara`s distribution is poor – Mokoena looks lost – Boateng is playing out of position – and doesn`t want to – Diop looks strong in the tackle and look composed – Mullins is working hard but with no end product.

35 minutes – From nowhere Piquionne shoots – Cech parries – Herman nearly follows up – Pompey have a corner – Come on ! – O`Hara takes it left footed – Cech punches clear – Back in by Boateng – Comes to nothing – Shows that Chelsea make sleep – Will they make us pay for that ?

37 minutes – Chelsea have a free kick – 10 yards outside Pompey`s penalty area – Alex or Ballack to take – It`s Alex – A decent strike but flies wide – Begovic had it covered anyway

40 minutes – Pompey at last use Herman for the out ball – Pompey come forward – O`Hara shoots weakly – but at least it is a shot on target

42 minutes – Pompey come forward again – O`Hara slings in a high cross – Tal Ben Haim is unmarked in their area – He strains but heads over – Pompey need to commit more forward – Chelsea ARE dodgy at the back

43 minutes – Deco finds Lampard – Lampard shoots low – No danger

44 minutes – Chelsea come down the left again – Cole shoots – shaves Begovic post – Phew – We must secure our right side

Stoppage time – Deco finds Kalou – Diop collides with Ben Haim – Ball goes out for a corner – Stretcher on – Is he dead? – Corner taken cleared

Half time Chelsea 1 Pompey 0 – Could be worse – Could be better – Need to get forward more – Get more width – Put more men into their box – Should we take the game to them? – We might just create something – I wonder what Avram will say and do ?

The Game – Second Half
45 minutes – We are underway – No changes – Is it just a matter of time ?

47 minutes – Pompey start positively and confidently – Can we do what we have only done once before at Stamford Bridge in the premiership – Score

50 minutes – Hermann is being better utilised – O`Hara seems to have woken up – Boateng is fouled – Free kick to Pompey – 11 yards outside the Chelsea box – O`Hara to take – It comes off the wall – Falls to Piquionne – Shoots – Right footed – Roof of the net – GOOOOAL
Chelsea 1 Pompey 1 – Enjoy the moment – Prepare for the onslaught !

53 minutes – Chelsea seek to strike right back – Ballack heads over the top of the bar – Deco shoots over

55 minutes – Pompey have belief and show urgency – Much better

57 minutes – Ivanovic shoots on goal -Good save by Begovic – Ben Haim clears

59 minutes – Joe Cole on for Deco – Lesser of two evils – Cole immediately links with Kalou – Looks dangerous

60 minutes – Pompey bring on another central midfielder – Richard Hughes for Papa Diop – Hughes to man mark Cole I think so – Wise move Avram

61 minutes – Pompey counter attack O`Hara gets the ball in the box – Boateng is on his own – Ashley Cole closes him down and clears – Corner to Pompey – Boateng takes the corner – Alex heads it away – Ping pong ensues – Boateng collects – He dummys the defender – He could score – He shapes to shoot – He slips – Oh no ! – That could have been a match winner

62 minutes – Mikel throws an arm into Hermanns face – What will the ref do – Hermann`s shirt is ripped – Shirt is changed – Hermann has no number or name on his shirt – Ancelloti replaces Mikel with Malouda

64 minutes – Kalou on his own in the area Begovic looks stranded – Kalou puts it wide – should have done better – Thank God he didn`t –
Malouda whips it in the Pompey box – Ben Haim misses it – Begovic saves the day

68 minutes – Chelsea 1 Pompey 1 – This is not going to script – Well not yet anyway – Pompey have far more shape in the second half

70 minutes – Piquionne is down – Looks like a calf problem – Could be serious – Dindane replaces Piq – Chelsea take off Kalou and bring on Italian whiz kid Borini

72 minutes – Chelsea have a corner – Lampard takes – eventually cleared by Wilson for Dindane to chase

75 minutes – Fifteen to go – Can Pompey hang on for a point – Is Avram Grant the lucky manager we have been looking for – Will the XFactor be No1 at Xmas – We just don`t know

77 minutes – Hear comes the pressure – Borini looks lively – Chelsea have another corner – How many is that? – 10 ?

78 minutes – Chelsea attack – Wilson slides in – Brings down Ivanovic – Penalty – Nooooo – Will Lampard to beat Begovic – He missed against Man City – But scores against Pompey – Chelsea 2 Pompey 1 – All the hard work undone

80 minutes – Chelsea have their confidence back

83 minutes – Richard Hughes handles in the box – The Referee has a temporary bout of blindness – Corner given – Comes to nothing

85 minutes – Can Pompey find another equaliser – Dindane is not the same player as Piq – We need to hold that ball up to allow us to get forward – Mokeona off Utaka on – A bit of pace – A bit of magic – perhaps – perhaps not.

87 minutes – Time ticks away – Chelsea are back in charge but Pompey are still in the game – Albeit struggling to get out their own half

89 minutes – Chelsea 2 Pompey 1 – Will we see another injury time equaliser

90 minutes – 4 minutes of added time – Tal Ben Haim plays a short ball back to Begovic – Borini intercept it – He goes passed Wilson – He shoots wide – He should have scored – Goal kick – Chelsea continue to attack – They take their tenth corner – Joe Coe shoots wide – The Londoners run down time – The ref blows the final whistle.

Summary – After an awful first half Pompey went in at the break just one goal down – The second half started far more positively after 50 minutes O`Haras free kick bounces down to Piquionne to hit the roof of the net and equalise – Pompey with tails up showed a lot more confidence but Boateng missed two gilt edge chances to win the match before Wilson brought down Ivanovic and provide Lampard with the opportunity to remind Avram Grant that he can score from the spot.

So Pompey leave the Bridge pointless yet again. Next up is Liverpool on Saturday, can Pompey take their second half performance ito that game and take something off Liverpool? Maybe, just maybe


33 Replies to “Lampard reminds Avram he can be Spot on”

  • Well Fellas

    No disgrace and to be honest for a very short space of time I actually thought we might just sneak it – Silly I know but you have to live in hope

  • so did i chixy, so did i – altho when boateng missed that chance that is when i though, maybe not… he bottled it on the chance when cashley cole got the tackle on.

  • i would give man of the match to Freddy P – and that is how i voted, easily his best game for us, just a real shame that he has picked up an injury and will almost certainly miss the bin dippers saturday…

  • Yep..if you don’t take your chances it nearly always comes back to haunt you. We were not disgraced though. is possible.

  • Rug

    If it is Freddies calf that has gone he could be out for until the New Year and trying to regain fitness just as Dindane, Kanu & Utaka go to the ACN

  • Corny

    In a way I’m glad Liverpool won tonight as it takes some pressure of off them, rather than them come here and have to win – Who knows ? – Here’s hoping but the West Ham game is massive .. still

  • good shout penton, he made some decent saves – one, at 1-1, where it flicked of ben-haim i think was an exceptional reflex save, this guy is going to be top class and i think he WILL be unlucky if dropped again at the weekend if jamo is fit?
    we now need Freddy P to get fit for the new year, altho it will be a race against time…

  • Have to say having just watched Spuds…WTF HAS HAPPENED TO KRUNCHIE? Did he just not bother for us????….*****4r

  • yep, said as much myself the other day mate – the guy is a *****er, could not give a flying one with us but suddenly ‘remembers’ he can play football now he is at the ‘big club’ he always wanted…

  • come on pompeyrug settle down mate. who the f-u-c-k did he have to play with? for him to play good consistently he needs to have good players around him and not nugent, brown and hughes.

  • Rather impressed with you lads tonight. I knew it wasn’t going to be a walk-over and I knew you’d make it tight and tough, and you did. Pretty solid throughout, and could well have nicked a point had it not been for the penalty. I think you’ve got the quality to really stage a fight for survival, just got to translate that into results and points really. Anyway, best of luck for the rest of the campaign (apart from the 6th March) – hope you boys can pull off the Great Escape once again.

  • haha now i understand why you were quiet during the game chix, that’s one helluva write up, must have taken all your concentration ;), shame wilson couldn’t display that sort of concentration during a game, we deserved a point for the 2nd half alone! and i’m feed up with useless defenders giving away friggin penalties!!

  • dwight schrute, loving the name mate – a bit of the office reference i see – but you forget kranjcar DID play alongside the likes of mendes, muntari and diarra, and even then he did not give enough for enough of the time!

  • haha yeah thanks pompeyrug. didn’t watch many of your games i must say but he was pretty good in the ones i did watch.maybe i just watched the ones where he played good lol, but seriously you did have a damn good year when you won the FA cup and he was a big part of that.i’m guessing most fans were glad to see him go because of his performances early this season and that’s what i was trying to point out.imagine playing with nugent? actually don’t do it, its much worse then you can imagine.i tried to give nugent all 99 stats on pro evolution and he was still S-H-I-T lol.anyway he is doing great for us and i actually feel bad for taking him so cheap from you. maybe this will cheer you up. dwight schrute- ” when my mother was pregnant with me, they did an ultrasound and found she was having twins. when they did another ultrasound a few weeks later, they discovered that I had adsorbed the other fetus. do I regret this? no, I believe his tissue has made me stronger. i now have the strength of a grown man and a little baby”. good luck for the rest of the season, really hope you guys stay up.

  • Dwight .. How interesting is that story !! – Anyway …Donna (Krancjar) hardly played with Nugent .. try players such as er… Crouch … and er.. Defoe…. still a lazy tosser in my eyes .. just now a (less) lazy tosser – Glad he is with the people he deserves to be with ..

  • ffs sake chix you f-u-c-kstick he was never going to be the player who ran all game putting in tackle after tackle. despite your comment i still want you guys to stay up but you are a muppet plain and simple.

  • And you laddie are a typical Spurs fan .. Full of abuse and never willing to see an opposing view … Try reading a little history on your so called ‘darling’ and you’ll see what type of person you actually have on your books.. he’s been given leg up (by his daddy) after leg up (by his uncle) after leg up (by Harry) and crapped on supporters all the way .. Imagine Sol Campbell not just signing for The Gunners but then celebrating (Adebayor style) a winning goal at WHL by publicly and deliberately laughing at Spurs fans … The very Spurs fans he used to stand next to as a boy .. – Kranjcar is a nasty, lazy piece of work and I for one celebrated the day he left Pompey.. Now jog on back to Vital Spurs and keep you ill informed opinions to yourself .. Oh and I’d rather you didn’t want us to stay up – I can’t stand Spurs …please please do like us .. Coz most of us don’t like you !!.. but then most of Football dislike Spurs so what there’s nothing new in that …PS Have you ever seen a ‘real’ football match or do you spend all your life on Champ Man locked away in your bedroom night after night getting spotty ! and you call me a muppet .. Time for night nights I think It’s getting late ..

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