Date: 8th February 2008 at 3:27pm
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We get to know a little more about whitestones.

1 – Vital Pompey username?
White Stones are the fans of NK Varteks, which is a soccer team from a city I grew up in, Varazdin, and the first professional football team I’ve ever seen play. It is the name I have for everything sports related on the net (it never seems to be taken).

2 – Where do you come from/where do you currently live?
I was born in Croatia and lived there until 1994, but because of the war at the time and the circumstances surrounding it we emigrated to Toronto, Canada, where I’ve been living since.

3 – How long have you been a Vital Pompey member?
I’ve been a Vital Pompey member for just over month and a half, but I’m pretty loud so it may not seem like I’ve been here for a lot longer. (this was written in early December)

4 – What do you think of Vital Pompey? Be brutally honest!
I love Vital Pompey, there’s good people here, lots to talk about and none of the stupidness that may come from with other sites, oh and not to mention the great ‘landlord’ we got here.

5 – How did you find out about Vital Pompey?
I just sort of stumbled upon it, I was looking through some Pompey news on the net and there was an add for Vital Football, so I just checked it out.

6 – When did you first watch Pompey live – not on box unless this is the only way you have been able to see them? Not necessarily at Fortress Fratton though.
I’ve never seen a Pompey match live, I’ve only been in the UK once before and that was for a couple of days in London.

7 – How often do you get to watch Pompey?
I didn’t get all the matches on regular TV, so this season I subscribed to the soccer channel and now I get to watch most of them.

8 – Who is your favourite Pompey Player – current and/or former?
Well considering I’m Croatian I would be biased to say Prosinecki or Kranjcar, so I’m gonna go with Glen Johnson. He is only 23 years old, he’s already an international and we have been playing excellent as of late, he has a great future ahead of him.

9 – What is you favourite Pompey moment?
There are so many great goals from, but I’ll take Mendes’ goals against Man City in the 3rd minute of stoppage time, which got the ball rolling for the Great Escape.

10 – What are your realistic hopes for Pompey in the future?
I really think they can book their place in Europe this season and perhaps win the cup. In the next couple of seasons they can start challenging to get into the top 4 and make an impact in Europe. I think in order for Pompey to keep improving, the new stadium and training grounds are vital.


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12 Replies to “Knowing me knowing you – whitestones”

  • its good to get to know more about you whitestones – thanks for sharing your thoughts… it looks as tho ‘arry is coming round to the idea of a ‘top 4 finish’ so this ‘might’ come aroudn sooner than any of us thought if we are lucky?

  • Nice one Stones… how’s Tronno ?… I bet you’re pretty much up for the ‘travelling Premier League idea then 😉 … Wouldn’t it be great to see Pompey get into Europe this year ?

  • Nice to meet Whitestones. I really is a Brownstone. (private joke).
    Keep flying our flag in Canada.

  • thanks pple, glad to be here. I doubt the Premiership would come here, and even if they did the tickets would be ridiculously expensive. Villa was here for a friendly against Toronto FC and the cheapest tickets were over a $100, too rich for my blood.

  • yep you did – ive started putting when they were written next to the bit where people say how long they’ve been a member now…

  • he might not need to with the ’39th’ game 🙂 he might be able to pop across to america, maybe even canada will get a game…

  • Whitestones I have been to Toronto in ‘TONY’S EAST BAR’…the girls there are quite desirable, but they destabilise your thoughts towards football. May I suggest you stay away from them and keep supporting Pompey. I never ever let a good thing get in the way of Pompey….not half !!

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