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We get to know a little more about Pompeyscum.

1 – Vital Pompey username?
Pompeyscum – When I joined the site I think we had Alain Perrin in charge and we were getting a lot of bad press (crap players, crap ground, unfashionable club, etc, etc).

Unfortunately, I think Vital Pompey was as well. I seem to remember a fella called Les Mathews running it and he would regularly get comments about how he was filling up Newsnow with rubbish and how he should stop his website.

Both situations rubbed me up the wrong way so I wanted a name that people couldn’t undermine with comments about supporting a shite club or a website that didn’t know what it was talking about. If you know your scum, what can people say against you? I think I’ll call it ‘the chav manoeuvre’.

Any references to the Saints are completely irrelevant as I quite fancy a Saints fan and could never call her ‘scum’ (unless she liked it). Is it alright to fantasize about a married woman?

2 – Where do you come from/where do you currently live?
I live in Sheen, West London. (I left Portsmouth after completing my novelty degree in Film and Documentary studies about 9 years ago). This means I am surrounded by Chelsea, Fulham, QPR and Brentford. I don’t know how people decide what team to support around here. I spent my formative years in Havant and my granddad said he had something to do with the naming of Havant Town but I never considered supporting them until the FA Cup run this year. I didn’t realise you could ever be proud of coming from Havant but, damn it, they proved me wrong.

I still visit home regularly and can be seen in The Parchment Makers and The Old House when I’m about Havant. I don’t drink regularly in Portsmouth but I have fond memories of going to the Fratton Legion and the Tap with my dad many moons ago. Any recommendations for pubs to visit in Pompey would be gratefully received (I’ve been to Eastney Cellars and The Wine Vaults recently and had great times).

3 – How long have you been a Vital Pompey member?
I’ve ben a Vital Pompey member for a while and can honestly say it is the best site at the moment. (This was written way back in July 2008)

4 – What do you think of Vital Pompey? Be brutally honest!
As above, I’ve ben a Vital Pompey member for a while and can honestly say it is the best site at the moment. Chix and eastneydave have great insight and pompeyrug is usually on top of events at the Park. I always read Pompeyfans as well (he used to write reviews of the reserve games – genius idea).

5 – How did you find out about Vital Pompey?
Vital Pompey just appeared on Newsnow, only a click away. Perfect for sneaking a look at work.

6 – When did you first watch Pompey live – not on box unless this is the only way you have been able to see them? Not necessarily at Fortress Fratton though.
I have very vague memories of my first Pompey game. For some reason, my Granddad never took me to a game, even though he had been going for decades and took my brothers. All I remember was that the pitch had a fence around it and when the action was down the other end of the ground you couldn’t see it. After that, I used to go to Fratton Park fairly infrequently with my dad. I don’t think either of us really have any instinctive knowledge of the game (the same could be said of the players on the pitch at the time) but my dad made up for that by shouting and swearing his way through the game and I sat and cringed inwardly next to him.

The irony is that I cherish those memories now and I will always support Portsmouth because of them. At the time, I felt a bit of an outsider at Fratton Park as I didn’t have the confidence to ‘join in’ and always had the feeling that I was going to get a kicking from one of our own supporters because of it. I was always desperate to feel whatever had made my granddad go for so many years and to feel ‘a part’ of something. It was only really after a few years of living in London that I started to miss those days out. Of course, it could be that I just miss my dad (he’s not dead, just living in Greece) but I’ve found that those feelings are inextricably linked to Fratton Park (and the area around it) and I finally feel a proper emotional bond with Portsmouth Football Club, even though that makes no sense.

7 – How often do you get to watch Pompey?
I do shift work for a sports company and we record all the Premier League football. So I get to watch about 70% of all Portsmouth’s games on the telly (which is a major bonus) at work (which isn’t so great). Usually, I switch the commentary off and turn the sound up so I can hear the crowd better. It’s not quite the same as being there but I like to think that I’ve experienced a lot of Portsmouth in the top flight.

Otherwise, I go, in-person, once a season. This year it was Portsmouth v Sunderland and I loved it. I went with a group of season ticket holders that had all been going for years and I’ve never wanted a season ticket more in my whole life. Of course I’m far too tight for that.

8 – Who is your favourite Pompey Player – current and/or former?
My favourite player has got to be Linvoy Primus. What’s he do on his summer holiday? Walk around Tibet or something. What an example to set for the kids. I hope he stays on at Portsmouth after he’s stopped playing. Can you imagine what him and David James talk about after training? It boggles the mind. I’ve just remembered he’s got a book out, which I must read. I hope it’s not all about him roasting some bird after a few lagers down at Tiger Tiger.

9 – What is you favourite Pompey moment?
My favourite moment is when we beat Southampton 4-1 at Fratton Park with Lua Lua scoring a couple of scorching goals then injuring himself in the celebration. Say what you want about the Saints but the season’s got a bit more edge when you’ve got a home and away fixture with your local rivals.

10 – What are your realistic hopes for Pompey in the future?
My realistic hopes for Pompey are:

  • to not go into administration.
  • to not turn into long ball/set piece merchants as long as we are in the Premier League.
  • to get someone from the ‘academy’ into the first team.
  • to not have our manager arrested.
  • to keep being some of the loudest fans in the country (bring on Wembley)
  • to keep Harry Redknapp as manager until he is 70 (D’oh, pompeyrug edit!)
  • to keep Joe Jordan as assistant manager until he is 70 (Double D’oh, pompeyrug edit!)
  • to keep Tony Adams as assistant manager until he manages Arsenal (all the best with that one Tony; seriously, it’s time to stop drinking) (Triple D’oh, pompeyrug edit!)

    My unrealistic hope for PFC is to somehow stay at Fratton Park whilst increasing the capacity by five thousand. (Maybe take the roof off the Milton End again and get rid of that bloody TV screen).

    Thanks for listening to my rants.

    This feature has not been run for a while – hence why some of these answers might seem dated, but they are still fantastic! – and I apologise for this.

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    15 Replies to “Knowing me knowing you – Pompeyscum”

    • Pompeyscum, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us – albeit from way back last summer, sorry for the delay!
      i really enjoyed reading through this, with o much of it making me smile and laugh… it also reminded me just why i liked this feature so much – names forward to do others please guys…

    • Well Pompeyscum, I thought your realistic hopes for the future were very realistic and very modest. Hardly any of them have been realised though – just shows you, a day in the life of a football club is a very long time indeed……..

    • Love it! Reminds me of how so much changes and yet so much doesn’t. I can still say Primus is my favourite player and I can now sleep soundly knowing that the manager probably won’t be arrested in the morning.

    • Good stuff Scum. Rug ‘not been run for a while ‘ is the understatement of the year!! Good to have it back though – pity scum can’t remember first game as the Toast team love digging out the reports.

    • I did wonder about the name Pompeyscum, glad it’s cleared up though now!! Great views, great read, wouldn’t mind doing one myself although I was sure I did already? Interesting to read though about what ppl think back then, and I bet it’s good for you Scum (don’t mean that the wrong way) to see how different you feel about Pompey now.

    • Good reading Pompeyscum, and the last 3 items gave me a giggle. Nice to see this feature back, there must be lots more out there that haven’t ‘been done’ yet. (if you excuse the expression).

    • dave, i think you are right ‘not been run for a while’ was a massive understatement – but is back now and i hope to keep it going!

      Gino, you have not done this – if you want to drop me an email and i will get the questions with you…

      tracy, i am to become a ‘knowing you knowing me’ slag now, as i want to do everyone lol!

    • I married a women from S…ton & have spent the last 16 years amongst them. Not perfect but hey…

    • Storagematt .. I know a good lawyer 😉
      Rug I really enjoyed reading this despite the fact that it was old .. I’ve just re-read mine (about eighteen months ago) and it made me smile at some of the things I thought back then.. I wanted Pompey to ‘One day’ win the FA Cup !! .. Might be an idea to run a few more old ones if you get the time .. there some times better looking back.. (oh !) nice one Pompeyscum and if you ever find yourself in Pompey before a home game and need a pub.. Check us out at the Milton Arms – I’ll even buy ya the first pint !

    • i knew there was something that i wanted to comment on – ‘the pub’, yep, as chixy says if you can make the milton that is where you will find a few of us before a game!

    • Chix. My brother is a top lawyer & he specializes in divorces, the trouble is, he would probably defend the wife. LOL.

    • 10 – What are your realistic hopes for Pompey in the future?
      A top ground, one to be proud of. To be as close to the so-called big 4 as possible. Win an English trophy/cup & qualify for Europe. I want them all.

      Not sure when I did mine, September 2006, but my answer came true.

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