Date: 28th February 2010 at 4:58pm
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It is not beyond the realms of realism that players could still be sold, or even released…

And David James could be one of these, sold or released to cut costs?

Although the England international, who has been recalled by England, is looking to sit down with the administrator Andrew Andronikou – and is willing to take a pay cut if it will help: ‘there is a sigh of relief in some respects that we’ve gone into administration as opposed to liquidation.

‘It keeps the club in the community, keeps the players here, and despite the fact the money issues are still there, it gives us a chance to keep playing football.’

Whatever though he wants to stay with the club and be part of an ‘incredible recovery’ between now and the end of the season: ‘as for me, I want to stay at Portsmouth until the end of the season and be part of the most incredible recovery ever.

‘Someone said we needed 10 wins out of 12. Well now we have one of them.’

Would others be willing to do this too?

Well, the veteran does not know as he does not speak for them: ‘I can’t speak for the other players, only for me. The importance of Portsmouth outweighs the importance of any individual.

‘I am happy to stay here and if I need to sit down and talk to the administrator, then that is what I will do.’

Speaking of Andronikou, and admin, the possibility of points NOT being taken away, 9 of them, as a result of us doing this is. It is not something that he feels is completely unrealistic, to think we might get away with not having to see this!

To be honest lets face it we WILL have the 9pts deducted, right?

Under the rules of administration, outside of the premier league, points are deducted so I cannot see how this could not be the case in the premier league…

Yep, as it is something that has never happened no one actually knows what the score is with this but like I say I cannot see how this could be any different – all hell would break loose if we did not have these points taken away!

Premier league and football league rules are different but just imagine the number of clubs that would probably look to sue the premier league from the football league if they did not, not to mention the number of premier league clubs that would do the same if we were not docked the 9pts…

For one thing the premier league would not be ‘brave enough’ not to punish us with these points being docked, for a second they would want this to make it virtually impossible for survival to be possible and they of course above everything else do not have the balls to decide anything other than the points penalty – which, in all honesty, lets face it we SHOULD have.

To be honest I would not mind dropping out of the premier league, in many ways I welcome it – although, lets face it from a financial point of view premier league survival makes it much more likely that, given the riches we would bring in, that we can have a long-term future.

Although if you do ask you do not get, right…


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