Date: 29th April 2009 at 8:47am
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There is a little ‘snippet’ in one of the morning papers today, I think it is The Mirror, where David James gives Paul Hart – and of course Brian Kidd – his full backing.

The ‘suggestion’ that is given is that he feels we have finally found the man to replace Jamie’s Dad, or at least ‘finally rediscovered the spirit’ that we had under him: ‘we had something very good last season and it has now returned with Harty and Kiddo.

‘If the club wants a replication of last year’s displays, they have got the right people in place.’

Have we done this?
If so then as much as I might not like the idea now maybe Hart is the man to take us forward?

One of the few problems for me is I can still see a few players going this summer, so will that ‘spirit’ and ‘togetherness’ carry on next season if he remained in charge?

Probably my gravest concerns are the ‘negative approach’ ones, 38 games of that will not only leave me bored to tears and thinking ‘why am I wasting my money on this’ but more importantly still leaves me seriously concerned that Hart would not see the season out! – Sorry to bang on about that again, but ‘if’ that happened, as I keep saying, we will lose a guy that is our best shot in many a year of helping us produce a constant stream of talented youngsters through the academy.

Finding, grooming and developing kids into talented international players is what he does best!

Clearly the defence has been sorted out, so it has been suggested that other areas will now be worked on – the worrying thing is it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the current back 4, I exclude James as unless ‘pushed’ he will go nowhere, ‘could’ change 100% between the end of this season and the beginning of the next!

Glen Johnson will unfortunately be sold – I think we have accepted that, Sol Campbell and The Herminator could both be released and Sylvain Distin may well seek pastures new?

In which case we have to build from the back all over again…

I like the thought that the real ‘spirit’ and ‘togetherness’ that we had under ‘him’ is back, and this is worth a hell of a lot to us, but we need to get things right on the pitch too – ideally Hart will use the last 3-4 games to show the other side to his managerial skills – if there is another side? – and prove that he can get the balance right?

But another thing that I keep coming back to is if he was really a premier league manager, well a manager full stop, why has he held few jobs, and for such short times in the main each time, over the past 20-years or so as an out and out 1st team manager?

I do not like to keep going over this issue, but just when I think I have 100% in my mind confirmed that he is not the right man over the course of next season something, like James’ thoughts, throws a spanner in the works – although when all is said and done it does not matter what you or I think does it, if Peter Storrie and Sacha Gaydamak want to appoint him in the summer they will!

The closer the summer gets, the more it becomes clear that there are so many, many ‘important decisions’ that need to be made during it, and the clearer still it becomes just how crucial these decisions will be – it is a huge summer we have ahead of us, and a summer that we must get right…


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