Date: 14th November 2008 at 12:07pm
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…that being ‘he does not want to go, and he still sees that he has a part in unfinished business here’.

David James had last week said that he was not interested in joining Spurs and nor was he interested in leaving for anyone else – he reiterated that stance on pfcTV yesterday as he has with what he told sky sports news.

The England no.1 still feels that there is unfinished business at Pompey, so as long we are happy with him, he is happy with us and in fact feels he is privileged to be in the position that he is: ‘as far as I’m concerned I’m here at Portsmouth and happy at Portsmouth.

‘We’ve got a mission to do in Europe and in the Premier League and I’ve still got another two years left. So I’m happy to see those two years through.

‘At 38 I’m delighted to be in a position when I can even talk to you as a first-team goalkeeper.

‘I think Portsmouth have come on because what Harry has done over the past few years it has to be said, but we haven’t finished and I see myself as part of that future.’

You will not find too many that are unhappy with you being here – quite frankly if anyone would want you gone they are crazy!

There is unfinished business with this club, so lets just hope that we will be in a position to be able to carry on with this in a couple of months time…

Whilst talking about James I am sure that most of you will have seen the latest morale booster that the players have come up with?

In order to keep the training standards high the players have come up with a training incentive… The worst performer has to go home in a clapped out Reliant Robin! And that man yesterday was James, as you can see by clicking here.

The loudspeaker on the roof apparently sounds animal noises to attract even more attention to the delightful little number!

I think it’s a great idea – these kinds of things, or things like it used to seem commonplace among footballers but you do not hear much about ‘the worst in training’ punishment anymore do you, well not in the top-flight anyway.

Just imagine Peter Crouch trying to fit into that bad boy, whereas Jermain Defoe would be well away though as it would be plenty spacious for him!


Someone that is not so content with life at Pompey according to ‘reports’ today is on loan Chelski striker Ben Sahar

The Israeli teenager has had injuries, but when fit is not getting a look in, not even on the bench and he is ‘said’ to be growing restless at his lack of opportunity and will demand to go back to Chelski in January if he is not given a chance – seen as his loan ends in January anyway that was always likely to be the case!

I do find it a strange one, and it does seem as though it is a loan wasted – and I cannot help but think of another ex-Chelski player that ‘might’ have arrived on loan had we not used our quoata – as we never looked like giving the fella a chance anyway, which is a shame as he has always looked a decent prospect when I have seen him and was impressed with him in pre-season. But then again with a couple of established England international strikers ahead of him the 19-year-old is always likely to dip out.

His mum has also had a go, with her saying if he was ‘Ben Sahar da Santos’ he would be given more of a chance – not just here, but in general…


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