Date: 6th November 2008 at 12:24pm
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David James has pledged his future to Pompey, insisting in The News that he is not looking to leave the club anytime soon.

As far as he is concerned he has a contract until 2010 and the England no.1 has no intention of going just because Harry Redknapp has: ‘although Harry has left, nothing has changed as far as I’m concerned regarding my future at the club.

‘I’m very confident for the future with the players we’ve got here. If we’d lost half of the players when Harry left, then things might be slightly different.

‘But we haven’t lost any players and I’m confident we’ll continue to do well.’

I believe what he says as he always comes across as a man with loyalty and morals – if he says he does not want to leave then I genuinely believe that he means it, but we also need to be loyal to him as well!

Player after player is being ‘linked’ with other clubs, mainly Spurs which is clearly an easy assumption to make seeing as Redknapp has gone to them, but James has also said that unless the club need to sell players he can see no reason why others will be thinking any different to him: ‘I’d imagine that if any players left, it would be down to financial reasons and nothing else.

‘You could argue that if some do leave, it would have happened with Harry had he been here anyway.

‘Of course, I’m hoping everything will stay exactly as it is.

‘We’ve got some excellent players and I don’t know of any who want to leave just because Harry has gone.’

As far as I am concerned now, having taken a week or so to take stock and gather my thoughts much as James has said I am no less concerned or worried, or even bothered about players leaving in January than I was with or without Redknapp – I expected at least 1 player to go, and still feel this will be the case so it will come as no surprise to me should this happen, and to be honest should it really come as a surprise to anyone?

At the end of the day though if players want to leave let them go, if playing for Redknapp again means so much to them let them do it – if they want to stay, and we are in a financial position to allow this lets stick by them as they want to stick by us! Loyalty is basically a thing of the past in football, but it is not completely dead, but cuts both ways…

As said before, as much as I would love them all to stay if letting go of the jewel in the crown Lassana Diarra meant we could keep others then this is a sacrifice that we would have to make – this is one that I had accepted happening in January, next summer at the latest, anyway, lets be honest the fella is too good for us, he is too good for most other clubs in this country too! Ideal scenario for me would be Milan seeing him against them in the uefa cup, thinking ‘I’ll have some of that’ and they take him to Italy!

By selling him, if we get what we should do for him – at least £15-£20m, this should allow us to keep others, if others go potentially we would have to sell 2 or 3 for the money we ‘should’ get for him.

In an ideal world we will keep them all, but this is not an ideal world is it – but again lets not get too downhearted and too negative, anyone that was not prepared for at least one departure in January with or without Redknapp needs a rethink – but his departure should not change too much that will happen, and hopefully won’t…


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