Date: 3rd November 2009 at 2:34pm
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Talk of a £15m loan coming into the club has been on the agenda for some time now – this loan coming from Hong Kong based businessman Balram Chainrai.

This talk has of course led to ‘rumour’ that he was set to become the third owner of the club in just about as many months but this has constantly been played down with Ali Al Faraj’s right-hand man Mark Jacob often at the forefront of this.

Once again, talking to sky sports, Jacob has said this is nothing more than a loan: ‘it’s a facility provided by a third party, that’s all.

‘Like you or I would go to the bank and borrow money on our property or whatever.’

As sky sports pointed out quite what this loan has been offset against – with talk of future TV revenue money, among other things, being used to secure this – is not known. We just have to hope that this is not going to lead to more troubles down the line.

Sorting out the situation at Pompey is also something that Jacob says is happening, with people working hard to make this happen: ‘we’re gradually sorting things out.

‘We’re working around the clock to do so. But it’s not going to happen overnight – we’ve been in charge (only) four weeks.’

Again, all we can do is hope that this is all going on and we will soon be in a ‘decent’ and ‘stable(ish)’ position.

What I do ask is?

Why are we still seeking loans from people though to keep us afloat, are these people not meant to have the means the likes of which ‘we would not believe!’

I guess we need to have some trust, which I know is hard given what we have been witnessing for so long! For their sakes, as well as ours, do not make this trust misguided though, although by my own admission I am finding it increasingly hard to believe too much of what is said to us from those senior at the club to be honest…


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