Date: 12th January 2008 at 11:18am
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The Pompey Site has confirmed what media reports have been saying – Harry Redknapp is staying with Pompey, so in true Homer Simpson style – woo hoo!

Everything about his family life seemed to point to only one thing that he would stay, but so much silence always made me think – in fairness a lot of us think – that he would go, I was worried I made no secret of this and maybe my worry made me fear for the worst?

I kept trying to convince myself that I would not have been ‘gutted’ but merely ‘disappointed’ had he left, but it became obvious to me on Friday night when I was moping around work that I was ‘devastated’ at the thought he could leave again… thankfully, he has decided to stay with us and continue the work he has started.

A lot of people have never been able to ‘forgive’ his brief sabbatical down the road, my thinking always was that although clearly it was not a club he should have gone to but at the end of the day he was out of work, they needed a manager so he took a job that was ‘convenient’ to him, it also stuck two big fingers up at Milan Mandaric at that time… now after this rejection of Newcastle surely those that could not or would not forgive him must now? They must stop cutting off their nose to spite their faces!

Had he left his legacy with Pompey would have been tarnish, possibly beyond repair this time but this legacy can never die now and his ‘legendary’ status at Portsmouth Football Club will never die and the likelihood of him being cemented as ‘our greatest ever manager’ is there for the taking, should he carry on taking us forward as he has then this will be assured without doubt.

Now Sacha Gaydamak looks like he will give him some money to push on the good work that we have done so far this season and if nothing else other than a reward for this loyalty we deserve a place in Europe, he must see this being a possibility now or he might not have stayed – our future must be very bright to him, as Newcastle is a job few would reject.

We all might have said a few thing on Vital Pompey in the heat of the moment, but very, very few comments were overly unfair to be honest, some were borne out of frustration at not being kept in the loop and knowing what was going on but I do not think that anyone could, or will hold things against people and will not be judging people – I know I will not.

Football is a passionate game, we all love Portsmouth Football Club and want what is best, when it looks like something or someone might ‘betray us’ sometimes emotions run high – I think we were firm, yet fair throughout this ordeal, which is thankfully now over.

Fellas we are in for one hell of a second half to the season, prepare for some signings pretty soon I feel – and quite possibly a big money signing or dare I even say signings? We thought that we did not have any money, and although we should not be expecting a fortune to be spent I think it is conceivable that the club record transfer fee could quite possibly be broken again…

Lets go to Sunderland tomorrow, and pick up 3 points now, this would be a fantastic starting point.


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