Date: 17th July 2007 at 5:03pm
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Diomansy Kamara last week signed for Fulham, with the BBC claiming he ‘snubbed’ a Pompey return in favour of Fulham because they will ‘out perform’ us this season ‘I had a good relationship with Harry, but this time I decided to sign for Fulham and I’m so happy about that.

‘I think Fulham will be stronger than Portsmouth over the next year. They’ve bought many players and I think they can finish in the top 10’.

At first I was not actually sure who he was referring to? As he is not saying ‘we’ as in Fulham, but ‘they’ve’, which could be viewed as Pompey. So it appears at first glance as though he is talking about us – but then I realised he was talking about Fulham!

My thinking and belief is often that I concentrate on what we are doing and do not really care what others are up to but when I saw this, after I realised he meant Fulham, it made me laugh – am I being over confident?

I do not do the ‘we are better than you’ talk, as this is 1) pretty sad and something only kids do and 2) something that can often come back to bite you in the behind anyway, but could Fulham really finish higher than us – have they improved their quality that much that they could?

My thinking would be no and this is just something to spice things up ahead of the meeting in Hong Kong next week, although it just goes to show that all teams are aiming high this season – with most of them splashing the cash too.